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Naomi Rose: Encouraging Your Flowering


Who you are is central to the book you want to write. Together, we listen your book into being. Then, when people read what you have written, your presence — as well as message — vibrates from the page right into their lives.

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Guiding “budding” and experienced writers since 1987

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Because the inner life matters to you,

the expression of your inner life deserves to be correspondingly deep, true, and beautiful.

NAOMI ROSE: Encouraging your flowering

NAOMI ROSE: Encouraging your flowering

EXPRESS your deep heart by writing a book (or creating in some other tangible form).

UNCOVER wonderful creative qualities in yourself in the process.

TRANSFORM your experience of yourself through how you give yourself to the writing (as well as what you write).

SHARE the healing gift of your completed book with the world.

When your book (or another creative manifestation of your being) emerges from a journey of self-discovery and wholeness, the inner treasures you are gratified to bring forth enrich not only your grateful recipients but also you.

And you heal the world from the inside out.

Write the book of your heart?

Bring forth a tangible expression of some other heart’s-desire or idea?

Of course! If it's in you, you have to bring it out.

“I was a Hidden Treasure, and I longed to be known. . . .” — attributed to the Divine

Listening your book into beinG ~ book development with naomi rose

Listening your book into beinG ~ book development with naomi rose

What you need in order to write a book that you love and that transforms you is the deeper you that you can bring to it.

You could do this on your own. But it helps significantly to have someone who:

💮 Knows the territory of birthing books and long-term creative projects. (I have done this work since 1987.)

💮 Has the skill and experience. (I spent 30 years working in the publications field.)

💮 Has many clients with books in print that are circulating through the world and bring them deep satisfaction.

💮 Can listen to you so well that you get to really hear yourself. This then brings forth writing that reveals what “longs to be known.”

That’s where I come in.

As a Book Developer and Creative Midwife, I'll help you find and mine the inner treasures that are knocking on the door of your heart from inside, and bring them into the world as a book or other creative work.

I can even help you get your book edited, proofread, and into print, e-book, and/or audiobook, if you’d like to self-publish. I can guide you on any part of the book-writing journey, or all the way from “spark to finish.”

This journey that we take together will end up with you writing a publishable book. But we don’t approach it as producing a product. Your book breathes and comes to life through the process of writing from the deeper Self — a collaboration we do together, and a natural outgrowth of who you are.

“A great boat woman, Naomi takes her seat quietly at the helm, and listens in a way that always inspires what is waiting to be known, said, and written to come forth. Practically skillful and mindfully soulful, she is helpful at every turn and around all the stops and stages in the process of book making. But mostly, she is the best kind of friend, and that’s really what it takes.” — Prema Nihan, Author, River’s Grace: Navigating the Sacred and Mundane in Motherhood

When you have a way to really listen to what’s in you, your hidden treasures can come to the surface. There may be some times when it feels like a struggle to get clear on what you want to say and how to say it; but these are more than made up for by those times when you feel you have your finger on the pulse of your true being, and the words give themselves to you as offerings.

Once these gifts from within have made themselves known to you and the path to making them tangible starts to unfold, you can put them together in any way that feels right. At that point, the path opens up from within you.

Books are my specialty, but the Writing from the Deeper Self process works in other ways, too. You can engage me to help you:

Naomi rose, book developer & creative midwife

Naomi rose, book developer & creative midwife

💮 Write something shorter than a book — perhaps a series of articles, blogs, web pages, essays, etc.

💮 Create in some other art form — perhaps visual art or music (I know these territories, myself), or something else. The roots of the creative process are the same whatever the particular expression.

💮 Bring an inspired idea into form — perhaps an invention, a business that truly serves, a social benefit, etc. You don’t even have to know what it is, at the outset. (This is what I call “Creative Midwifery.”) The deep-listening process works whatever the specific focus.

What Naomi does superbly is to evoke the creative and articulate in each person who works with her, to such a degree that each one is surprised at his/her own talent for expression." — Gay Luce, co-founder (with Jean Houston), Nine Gates Mystery School

Astromeria, open, selected open  blooms.JPG

Whatever it is that wants to be known in you and created through you, you can start from right where you are. You don’t need to “have it all together.” It’s a journey of discovery; along the way, together, what wants to be known will make itself known.

"[Working with Naomi], I felt heard, in a very strong initial way. It's different from trying to write on my own, because it feels like what I'm doing is being done in relationship." — Shirley R. McGinnis, author, Sometimes Love Is Enough

Come, let’s begin.

I’m here to encourage your flowering.

I offer a complimentary 1/2-hour consultation by phone so we can explore the book of your heart together. I reserve a certain number of openings per month for this purpose.

There’s no pressure . . . only the opportunity to explore what will speak to your needs and your heart’s desire. If, after we have spoken, you decide that you want to go further, we can set up a way that works for you. If you don’t, you’ll still walk away with greater clarity and encouragement.

I hope you’ll take me up on this invitation.


And when you sign up for my mailing list, you’ll not only receive encouragement and inspiration, as well as practical tips — you’ll also be able to download an excerpt from my book, Starting Your Book: A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What’s Inside You.

“I felt that you were speaking from the heart in this book, seeking to be of service from the sincere desire to assist, not to indoctrinate or impress. And I felt that you and I were having a conversation.

“Thank you for sharing your ideas and caring with the world through a book. I learned things, I felt understood, and I grew increasingly inspired as I turned the pages."

Sarah Beaber, writer; reader of Starting Your Book


Check out my SERVICES and PRODUCTS, below.

Browse and savor. See what speaks to you. 

Everyone’s creative expression is unique. It’s just a matter of finding yours and letting it bloom.


Writing from the Deeper Self
A holistic approach to uncover your inner treasures through writing (Applies to any form of writing)

writing from the deeper self / naomi rose

writing from the deeper self / naomi rose

Writing can show you to yourself in longed-for ways, and give your readers a reflection of who they are. When you give yourself completely to the process — not just with your mind but with all of you, your heart, cells, and breath—everything cooperates; and you wonder in amazement, “Did I write that?” This unique and sacred approach to writing offers you doors into the land you long to re-inhabit. Then, what you share with others (if you wish to) calls them home, too. 



Editing & Proofreading
Because your writing deserves the most professional fine-tuning treatment

editing & proofreading through naomi rose

editing & proofreading through naomi rose

Editing: A truly helpful editor does more than head off typos at the pass: s/he makes the difference between a book that is readable and one that is dispensable, and ensures that your best intentions come across to your readers. 
Proofreading: Proofreading isn’t a luxury—it’s a crucial part of any written presentation. A proofreader’s detailed sweep through your writing can make the difference between being taken seriously and being immediately dismissed, since mistakes, typos, wrong words, etc. make a poor impression on your readers.


Creative Midwifery
Helping you discover and bring to life what wants to be known

creative midwifery with naomi rose

creative midwifery with naomi rose

If the urge to bring something other than writing into form is calling to you, then you know it won’t let you go until you start bringing it to life. Then, as soon as you start taking it to heart, it supports you. Together, we can find out what wants to be birthed in you—an artistic work, a business idea, a vision clamoring for details—and bring it out in a way that feels natural to you and adds value to your life.

Book Development
Listening the book of your heart into being
(Writing from the Deeper Self applied to writing a book)



“Book Development” allows your book to develop organically, rather than from some one-size-fits-all template. It is based on who you are, where you are within yourself, and what you long to accomplish. As I help you listen to yourself deeply and trust what comes, enthusiasm, creativity, and inspiration supplant anxiety, and you can’t wait to give yourself to the writing process. When you are done, you have a vibrant, publishable manuscript—and a door into the next chapter of your creative journey. 


Self-Publishing Consulting & Mentoring
With a bit of help, being your own "indie publisher" is definitely within reach

self-publishing consulting & mentoring / Naomi Rose

self-publishing consulting & mentoring / Naomi Rose

Self-publishing has so much to recommend it! You can make your book just the way you want; you can publish within weeks or months of completion; you get to keep all the net profits; and you get to join a growing swell of “indie publishers.”  I can help you navigate this worthy but complex journey. Option 1—Engage me to teach you how to do it yourself. Option 2—I can coordinate all the pieces for you. Option 3—Choose what you want to handle, and leave the rest to me.



“It’s been really wonderful working with Naomi. She is so kind and supportive and gentle and appreciative, yet perceptive of the places where my book needed improvement, from commas to emotional nuances.

“Her faith in my book has been and is still very important to me in keeping my inner critic at bay. She has inspired me to honor what I have written by doing the work necessary to bring it into the coherent and beautiful form it deserves.”

— Rahima Warren, MFT (ret.). Author, The Star-Seer’s Prophecy trilogy: a fantasy novel of the healing journey. (See the Rose Press page for details.)

Book Writing for Therapists & Healers
Because a great listener like you deserves to be heard far and wide (Book Development applied to healers and their ways of knowing)

book writing for therapists & healers, / naomi rose

book writing for therapists & healers, / naomi rose

As a person of depth who believes that wholeness is not only possible but also a birthright, you have valuable insights to share about the human journey. By mining the depths of your own heart and experience in a book, you expand your healing influence beyond the therapy office, touch your readers in the deepest places, and enhance career opportunities. Your adeptness with listening and connecting threads of meaning makes you a natural for this healing approach to book writing. 


Translating the image in your heart into art

illustrations by naomi rose

illustrations by naomi rose

A line drawing in black-and-white or color may be the perfect way to bring your book, business, family album, etc., to life. Since a picture equals 10,000 words, you can add value, appeal, warmth, and even branding recognition with an illustration custom designed to suit your esthetic and your needs. My training as a visual artist makes this a collaborative process. You tell me what you want, I come up with a sketch, you give feedback, I integrate your wishes—until you cry (in delight, of course), “That’s it!” 


“Working with Naomi has been a total delight. Not only is she able to deeply listen to me and fully grasp my ideas and intentions but she is also wonderfully talented at helping me clarify and plan out the structure and scope of my book. Her understanding and support of me combines with her own great insight and makes her an outstanding and inspiring midwife for creative process.”

—  Kathy Carlson, MA, Ph.D., MFT. Author, The Flame at the Tip of the Candle: Interconnectedness as Seen through the Lens of War

You are indeed the creative midwife, Naomi, and you have a unique way of always inspiring those with whom you come into contact every time! Writing is a lonely venture, with few mentors willing to urge you on. I am immensely grateful for the time that you've so generously gifted me with, and I'll cherish that forever." 

— Olga Lopes, writer

For my services packages and prices, click below:

Ready to get started with your complimentary consultation? Reserve your spot now.


The inner experience of writing can be painful and thorny — or, it can be a beautiful way to be with yourself and find out what your deeper Self wants to reveal.

To support this happier scenario, I have designed and curated some wonderful products to help you be with yourself in an attentive, nurturing way as you write. By creating an inner atmosphere that helps shift your consciousness into a receptive, connected state, they allow your inner treasures to flow forth freely onto the page.

We have a truly unique and wonderful selection. I hope you will browse them and let yourself be inspired — perhaps even salivate! There are books to help with the creative process (as well as to nurture a deeper and more receptive experience of money, and lots more). We have exclusively designed Flower Essence Remedies for Writers (available here only). We have flowering teas to enchant you, nourish you, and inspire your own creative flowering. We have visual art (drawings and photos) to inspire you and draw forth your own creative expressions. We even have chocolate (healthy chocolate) to reward yourself with after writing sessions. And there’s more.

Because writing isn’t just about writing. It’s about who you are as you write. That’s why I designed this site to give nourishment and encouragement to all of you.

So go ahead and browse the pages . . . linger on what interests you . . . and then take a step to give yourself what best supports your heart.

The Rose Press Enhancements for Writers Collection. Products to enhance your writing and yourself.

Enhancements for writers / Naomi Rose: Encouraging Your Flowering

Enhancements for writers / Naomi Rose: Encouraging Your Flowering

Writing can bring you closer to yourself, rather than in conflict with yourself. The products in the Rose Press Enhancements for Writers Collection offer these benefits:

  1. Get support from the natural world. The subtle medicine of the right flowers can work wonders for the body, mind, heart, spirit, and soul. The 3 Flower Essence Remedies for Writers available here have been created exclusively for Writing from the Deeper Self.

  2. Open up essential qualities to ease your book-writing journey. The book, 10 Essential Qualities for Writers, explores such qualities as Creativity, Confidence, Flow, Stamina, and others that can be sparked into life by working with this book.

  3. Give yourself special teas for writers as part of your writing ritual. With the time-lapse wonderment of Flowering Teas, the blooms unfold in hot water right before your eyes — a delicious living symbol of how your writing can unfold and flower.

  4. Enjoy an artisan chocolate: sugar-free, delicious, herbally enhanced, and good for you. Made by a wellness coach, these chocolates can be woven into your writing ritual as a self-acknowledgment during or after a writing session.

  5. Experience the good medicine of selected books to help you find true center as you write. These recommended books for writers address writing, self-care, artistry, and healing — because all of you participates in deep writing.

Rose Press
Books to bring you home to yourself. A publishing house for your inner garden.

rose press / books to bring you home to yourself

rose press / books to bring you home to yourself

Rose Press books are designed to nourish your inner life and grow your inner garden, by opening you to the reality and beauty of your own being.

And isn't that just what we want from a book — to see who we really are? To get a whiff of our own essential fragrance and trust it? Realizing this can transform us, and help bring about a welcoming world. Read these books and smell the roses (in yourself).

We have 4 series:

“The Creative Process” series brings you closer to the Source of creation — which not only is available to you, but actually lives in you.

The “Healing the World from the Inside Out” series illuminates the connection between our inner lives and the outer world, and opens a way to wholeness.

The “Money and the Inner Life” series shows how what governs money is not necessarily outside us; that our inner life — our connection with our deeper nature — is the key to having what we need and trusting life to support us totally.

“The Poetry of Everyday Life” series is about how the beauty, wonder, and poignancy of life are right here, right now — if only we are present to see it.

The fragrance of these books lives in the heart like a remedy-in-waiting, releasing its healing medicine as the books are read and taken in.

Naomi Rose Arts
The inner well I draw from within myself to help me bring out the artist in you.

naomi rose arts

naomi rose arts

I offer my arts with you on this site — the Visual Art, the Music, and the Writing pages —to: (1) share what’s meaningful to me so it can be meaningful to you; (2) show you what I “draw” from within myself when supporting your creative expression; and (3) spark the beautiful expression of your own gifts.

Born into a family where the arts were highly prized., I learned about creative atmospheres at a young age simply by living in that household. So the arts have been with me forever.

Art — My father was my first art teacher, and in high school I studied 3 hours of fine arts a day in addition to academic classes. Using my hands and heart to draw not only helps bring me into more full embodiment but also has helped with my writing, as well. My drawings and photos are included for your enjoyment and purchase.

Music — My relationship to music was instinctual — harmonies come easily. Singing in semi-professional choruses taught me more analytic skills that enabled more intentionality and complexity. Music is a language of the heart whose gifts are available to everyone. I give some of these gifts, here.

Writing — Since I may get to read your writing, it’s only fair that you get to read mine. This whole site partakes of my writing, but these pages share some specific writings of my heart.

I hope the spirit of beauty and creation that inspired (and/or required) these artistic expressions from me will inspire you to trust the process of creating something beautiful of your own.

And there’s even more encouragement for your inner garden . . .

💮 Explore Deeper offers food for thought and for soul: Deep Conversations offers recorded conversations with wonderful people on topics relevant to this site. The Creative Process explores what it’s like to invite deep creativity to connect with you, and how artists in different disciplines (e.g., visual art) may go about it. You can learn wonderful, surprising things about the process of writing by venturing outside this discipline and integrating what speaks to you into your own process. Behind the Scenes of My Book-in-Progress is my gift to people who may feel a bit cowed by others’ finished books, and who want to see how writing comes about while it’s still in an unknown, rough stage, before it’s fine-tuned to “perfection.” I do my best to bring you into my experience (angels, warts, and all) so you can see what you need to see to trust your own unfolding experience of creating.

💮 Resources fall into 5 fascinating categories: (1) Inspirational, (2) Educational, (3) Meditational, (4) Medicinal, and (5) Audiobook narration. Inspirational — Here, you can enjoy an inspiring excerpt from Becoming a Writer (from Dorothea Brande’s 1930s classic) and a video book-reading by novelist Elizabeth Berg. Educational — Before there was the Internet, there were books, and before books, papyrus, etc. This page shows how reading (and writing) have changed over time in light of the technology available, as seen through the eyes of Nicholas Carr, the author of the book, The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brain, and my own reflections. Meditational offers ways to ease into a relaxed, receptive state through which to approach your writing. Medicinal (as in “Laughter is the best medicine”) — Laughter awaits you, here, in the form of a hysterically funny audio taken from one of the old “Frasier” TV shows, where the psychiatrist-brothers Frasier and Niles try to write a book together. If you’ve ever dreaded facing the unwritten page, this audio excerpt will release your endorphins through laughter! Audiobook narration This page gives you a foretaste of what it could be like to have your book (once published) brought to life as an audiobook. Here, a chapter from Dark Innocence (Book One of retired psychotherapist Rahima Warren’s gripping trilogy, The Star-Seer’s Prophecy) is narrated by actress Sarah Beth Goer.

💮 Articles that span the creative process, book writing, and much more. (You’ll get to receive them in your email box by opting in to my list, above.)

I know websites are usually places to click and move on. But I’ve put considerable heart and thought into creating a rich place for you to receive nourishment and inspiration.

So I encourage you to “stop and smell the roses.” You’re sure to find something to encourage your flowering.  

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“How did the rose ever open its heart and give to the world all its beauty? It felt the encouragement of light against its being, otherwise we all remain too frightened.” — Hafiz