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I’ll be delighted to hear from you to discuss whatever you have in mind to bring forth from your deep self.

Ready to explore your desire to write a book with me (or some other form)? You may be more ready than you think. In our half-hour exploratory phone session, you’ll get a direct sense of whether I understand you and your writing desires (and current obstacles), and if I can truly be of service to you. I’m also happy to address your questions and concerns.

There’s no obligation to continue further. At the same time, giving me the opportunity to listen to you during this session may guide you fruitfully on your way, whether we decide to work together or not.

And there are other good reasons to contact me, as well (see the list below).

EMAIL: I can be reached at, and also at

PHONE: (510) 465-3935 Pacific Time (Oakland, California, USA)


  1. Schedule your complimentary 1/2-hour book-development consultation. (See pages: BOOK DEVELOPMENT / BOOK WRITING FOR THERAPISTS AND HEALERS)

  2. Jump right in and make the commitment to yourself to get things moving on your writing with an “official” consultation. (See pages: WRITING FROM THE DEEPER SELF / BOOK DEVELOPMENT / BOOK WRITING FOR THERAPISTS AND HEALERS)

  3. Help midwife your creative urge. (You don't necessarily have to have the "what" pinned down, first.) (See the page: CREATIVE MIDWIFERY)

  4. Discuss having your writing edited and/or proofread. (See the page: EDITING & PROOFREADING)

  5. Explore self-publishing your book. (See the page: SELF-PUBLISHING CONSULTATION & MENTORING)

  6. Converse about hand-drawn illustrations for your business or personal needs. (See the page: ILLUSTRATION)

  7. Discuss rates and packages — what fits best for you.

  8. Suggest or discuss a product. (See pages: WRITING ENHANCEMENTS / NAOMI ROSE VISUAL ART)

  9. Share what came to life for you, in reading these pages, about your own possibilities for creative healing expression.

  10. Discuss possible media promotion (interviews, articles, appearances, etc.)

  11. Etc.

 Thanks for reaching out to me!

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