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I can be reached by email at, and also at

My phone is (510) 465-3935, in Oakland, California, USA. (That's Pacific Time.)

Some Good Reasons to Contact Me

  1. To set up a complimentary 1/2-hour consultation to explore how I can guide and support you to write your book.

  2. To jump in and get started with an "official" consultation to make the commitment to yourself and get things moving.

  3. To engage me for Creative Midwifery. (You don't necessarily have to have the "what" pinned down, first.)

  4. To discuss any of the other services on this site.

  5. To request a handout (e.g., "Horizontal Writing").

  6. To get quotes for bulk orders for Rose Press books.

  7. To suggest good and relevant topics you'd like me to cover in my articles.

  8. To suggest people who could benefit from knowing about this site.

  9. To ask me questions about something on this site, or request more details.

  10. To share with me something that came to life from one or more of these pages about your own possibilities for creative, healing expression.

  11. And so on . . . .


Thank you for reaching out to me. I will gladly respond to you.