"You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what’s burning inside you. And we edit to let the fire show through the smoke.” — Arthur Plotnik

You’ve put so much into writing your book (or shorter work) — now give it the professional treatment it deserves before getting it in front of your readers. You want it to be free of errors and provide a smooth, comprehensible read so as not to eclipse the majesty of your efforts.

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Editing is an essential part of creating a publishable work of writing. I do editing as part of my book-development work for my clients, and for others when it's fitting. After over 30 years in the publications field, I have an unerring sense of what a work of writing needs to be seamless, to communicate the author's intention, and to shine.   

"I just finished going through all the pages you edited. You did a superb job. It was just marvelous to see all the things you caught, when I thought it was in pretty good shape [already] — especially some really good catches of things that were fuzzy. I can’t imagine doing anything that meticulous. I hope you love it. The only thing I do that comes close is a 1000-piece puzzle." — Cindy Spring, co-author, 7 Questions About Life After Life

Good editing helps writers’ manuscripts to be error-free, read more clearly and unobstructedly, and have a professional level of integrity.  

A good editor is not your critic, but your ally.  The editor’s talent —and task — is to sense the jewel in your work, and free it from the “rock” of prose that imprisons or camouflages it.

A good editor also makes sure that your writing is free of all embarrassments, such as spelling errors, grammatical errors, punctuation errors, stylistic inconsistencies, and so on. If you care enough about your writing to share it with readers (whether in print, online, or as an ebook), you also care enough about your writing to make sure that it reads well and is error-free.

Whatever your subject, I can bring your writing to a place of clarity and coherence, readability, and interest, and (if needed) even do references and bibliographies.

You have given so much of yourself to producing a manuscript that matters to you. Now it's time to invite the right editor to bring that manuscript to the next level — to ensure not only clarity and accuracy, but so that the jewel of your original intention shines brightly.

As your editor, I will honor your intention, collaborate with you as needed, and deliver to you a manuscript that you can publish with pride.

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“I cannot imagine another editor on the planet who could step into my shoes and edit esoteric material as beautifully and sincerely as Naomi did. She has been utterly exceptional.” — Rebecca Field, author, To Choose the Fire of the Cosmos. Foreword by H.H. The Dalai Lama


What William Zinsser—author of On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction—has to say about editing:

“Learn to enjoy this tidying process. . . . I love to rewrite. I especially like to cut: to press the DELETE key and see an unnecessary word or phrase or sentence vanish into the electricity. I like to replace a humdrum word with one that has more precision or color. I like to strengthen the transition between one sentence and another. I like to rephrase a drab sentence to give it a more pleasing rhythm or a more graceful musical line.

“With every small refinement I feel that I'm coming nearer to where I would like to arrive, and when I finally get there I know it was the rewriting, not the writing, that won the game.”

Kinds and Levels of Editing

There is more than one kind of editing.  A good editor will use one,  two, or all three to bring your manuscript up to a professional, publishable level. I offer all three, as needed.

Copyediting. Copyediting deals primarily with the mechanics of grammar, spelling, and sentence structure so that your manuscript has the professional-level dignity it deserves. If your written work is in a field that follows a particular style guide (such as The Chicago Manual of Style, or APA format), the copyeditor will make sure your writing follows that style accurately. Footnotes, references, and bibliography (if applicable) also fall under copyediting.

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·Substantive editing. On this level, the editor addresses not only the mechanics but also the “substance” of your writing. Substantive editing deals with such matters as  the structure/ organization, clarity, and appropriate wording of your writing. The editor may rearrange (or propose) sections and paragraphs to maximize clarity and reader interest; suggest transitions to make the writing flow; and advise you where to delete extraneous material, or fill in missing pieces to round out and complete the writing’s message and delivery.

Rewriting. Also a level of editing, rewriting takes the material you provide and brings it to a higher level. The editor will reword your writing adeptly, and suggest or add examples, phrases, or structural material, etc., so that in the end you can say, “Yes, that’s it. That ‘s exactly what I meant to say!”


"Naomi took my manuscript and turned it into a book. I can't thank her enough!"— Larry Decker, PhD, author, The Alchemy of Combat: Transforming Trauma in Combat Veterans


"Naomi has been a wonderful editor and supporter for me.  She pays attention not only to the nitty-gritty like punctuation, word choice, sentence structure, etc., but also to the nuances of meaning and the flow of the writing.  She really listens to whether the writing is connecting with the reader, and for the places where there’s disconnection.  Her support and kindness and wisdom have been worth every penny!" — Rahima Warren, author, The Star-Seer’s Prophecy trilogy

A Small Sample of Books I Have Edited


Ten Speed Press / Ortho Books / New World Library / McGraw-Hill / Crittenden Books / Scott Foresman / Stephen Greene / Viking


Don B. Ardell / Richard Carlson and Benjamin Shield / Elizabeth Cowan Neeld / Shawn Talbott, PhD / Alan Crittenden / George H. Troy / Rahima Warren, MFT (ret.) / Deborah Welch, PhD / Marianne Rothschild, MD / Claudio Naranjo, MD / Larry Decker, PhD / Doreen Hamilton, PhD / Barbara Hannelore / Cynthia Spring


The New Holistic Health Handbook / For the Love of God / All About Vegetables / All About Roses / Energy-Saving Projects for the Home / High-Level Wellness / Writing, 2nd edition / Cortisol Control and the Beauty Connection / Laser-Eye Surgery / Coping with Change / Healing Civilization / The Star-Seer's Prophecy / The Alchemy of Combat / Essential Speaking / The Moon and You

Will your book join this list?

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FEE: My editing rate is $85/hour. This includes copy editing, substantive editing, and possibly rewriting. A flat-rate estimate, if desired, can be made after I have looked through your manuscript.

I have worked with several editors and none can compare to the precise, detailed work Naomi has done. She color-coded the editing process (made it very easy to follow), provided feedback and explanations/comments to changes or additions, including changes to sentence structure, without compromising my writing style or ideas. She combed through my [manuscript] in detail, picking out grammatical errors [in a way] that was absolutely brilliant.

“Naomi takes interest in the material that she is working on. She developed a real sense and feel for the material, and treated my [writing] as if it was the most important work.

“Throughout the process, I was confident, calm, and at ease working with her. I could not have done it without Naomi. I am thankful and blessed to have [had] her as my editor. Naomi is the one.” — Christina Pillai, PhD— Christina Pillai

Editing at its best.

No less than your writing deserves. 

Contact Naomi to ensure professionalism and perfection.

Naomi Rose: naomirosedeepwrite (at) yahoo.com

Want to self-publish your book once your manuscript has been edited and proofread to perfection? See the "Self-Publishing Consulting & Mentoring" page.