1. "The Writer's Muse: Inspiration from Within"


Everyone wants to be inspired, especially writers. And despite the old saying, “Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration,” creativity does not depend on these statistics. Everyone is creative. It’s a matter of reaching in the right direction (inwards and upwards). The Writer’s Muse is designed to connect you with your creative nature, and move you joyfully into your inner Muse.

For those who: — seek inspiration from a higher Source, but don’t know how or don’t feel sufficiently “creative” — feel disconnected from their larger being — fear the void / the unknown (the blank page) — are confused — are not used to having a creative focus — are unused to bringing the creative force into material form — feel dull and earthbound — feel stuck in emotional pain —

The Writer’s Muse promotes and nurtures joyful, exuberant, soulful, artistic creativity — offers excitement in opening to the creative process — puts you in touch with higher realms, revealing the inner direction of your creative process and your current project.

2. "Confident Expressions: Finding Your Authentic Voice"


To write with confidence in your own voice, perceptions, and unique qualities is to own the right to “author” your book ~ to be the “author-ity” on what you have to say and how you want to say it. This confidence grows strong when you are present to what is in you without censoring, diminishing, masking, or hiding it; it wobbles when you uproot your desire and wonder if anyone wants to hear what you have to say. Writing a book, being a courageous, often vulnerable act, can bring up old feelings of insignificance.

Confident Expressions helps give you the courage to know what you know, feel what you feel, respond authentically to what arises through your writing, and give yourself the acknowledgment you have always deserved as a worthy, contributing human being.

For those who: have not been adequately seen, received, and encouraged in their being and expressions, and doubt the worth of what they have to say or write —  Confident Expressions enhances your belief in your ability to succeed — the courage to be yourself and trust its value ~ to cultivate a joyful, eloquent expression — and to experience yourself as a vibrant part of, and contributor to, the human family.

3. "Flow: Trusting the Writing to Unfold"


4. "Seeing the Big Picture: Getting Clarity and Perspective"

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5. "Coming in Closer: A Feeling for Detail"

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6. "Self-Compassion: Rewriting the Past"

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7. "Going the Distance: Gladly Staying with Your Writing Project Until It's Complete"

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8. "Revision: The Gift of Refinement (in your writing and in your life)

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9. "Shining Star: Letting Your Light Come All the Way into the World"

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10. "The Reader's Gift: Helping You Absorb What You Read on Many Levels"

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All writers want their writing to “just flow” — and some days, that’s just what happens. Other days, however, uphill struggle seems to be the theme; and beginning book-writers sometimes give up at this point. While there are times when struggle happens as part of the creative process, other struggles are just part of our own self-doubts and disconnection. These struggles, Flow can assist with wonderfully and fluidly.

For those who: have rigid, harsh expectations of themselves — think they need to control how they present themselves on paper — fear criticism and punishment, especially if they don’t “have it all together” — are driven and tend to do too much — feel overly responsible for making life happen

— Flow offers a way to enjoy the writing journey, and trust what arises without needing to know it all ahead of time — provides self-assurance, inner radiance, and ease in expressing love (writing flows best when you write what you love) — highlights your own uniqueness — transforms work into play — lets you write from your heart by bringing together feeling and thinking — encourages you to be open and responsive in the moment, to follow the flow, and to have fun with your writing.


When you get caught in the details of writing — when you can’t see the “forest” for the “trees” — Seeing the Big Picture can give your writing new life; an awareness of the connections that form the whole; a clear, coherent focus; an articulate, lively form of expression; and a sense of where to go next.

For those who: see their writing as fragments rather than a connected whole — feel their writing is too dry and intellectualized — are stuck in a ground-level view of their story — experience a lack of focus, disorganization — have trouble making out the details that would show the whole pattern —

Seeing the Big Picture flower essence remedy provides a holistic perspective, offers a cosmic overview to help you expand your focus from the blades of grass to the starts (the details to the bigger picture), helps you integrate ideas and their express, give you a lively, alert mental state that registers sensory details enjoyable, clearly, and connectedly.


Some writers really shine in the more abstract realm, dealing with concepts and ideas — but have difficulty illustrating the lived, concrete reality of those ideas so that readers can feel, taste, and identify in a more embodied way. Coming in Closer lets your imagination and senses enter into the picture, so that what you write becomes real not only conceptually but also imaginatively and concretely — for you, and therefore for your readers.

For those who: emphasize ideas, abstractions, and concepts without the humanizing balance of concrete, particular details (whether due to not relating to the concrete, or not knowing how) —

Coming in Closer offers the ability to become aware of and express more concrete, intimate impressions of the senses and the heart by experiencing a wide range of sensory experiences (a heightened awareness of touch, taste, etc.) — the ability to speak (write) articulately, clearly, and vividly — the ability to think in a vital, "alive" way, especially with material that has been feeling too “dry” to describe in an intimate way —the ability to register sensory details clearly and enjoyably.

Sometimes what we write brings up old, unforgiven places in our past. Writing a book offers a wonderful opportunity to go back into the same events, feeling tones, or patterns in service of the story ~ but now with the compassion you are capable of in present time. “A writer gets to live twice,” it’s been said: “once when you have the experience, and again when you write about it.” Self-Compassion: Rewriting the Past allows you to live deeply and fully by mining your past for its hidden gems and bringing them into the present, thus benefiting your actual life as much as it does your writing.

For those who: want to write about their own life in a transformative way, yet still feel a child’s fear- or sorrow-based perspective on earlier life, making it difficult to write with new, compassionate eyes — repeat the same old internal stories and have the same circumscribed reactions, instead of letting a new story line open up —

Self-Compassion offers a way to: remember and more deeply understand core experiences of your emotional history — receive nourishment and insight from exploring past experiences — give yourself forgiveness and clarity, thereby helping you release the negative aspects and bring home the hidden gifts — see the pieces of the puzzle come together in a clarifying, transformative way — see with the soft, loving eyes of a child and an adult's caring wisdom — get a cosmic perspective on otherwise ordinary events so youcan move into a new chapter of your life.

Starting an extended writing project (though sometimes challenging) may be easier than staying with it. Over time, writers may lose focus — perspective — energy — hope — connection to why they wanted to write a book in the first place. Going the Distance makes it possible for you to reconnect to your original passion for your book, follow the lead of the writing-as-it-is-now as well as guide its best structure and articulation, and not only be re-energized to “get it done” but to be present to every precious step of the way. When you finally finish the book, you really feel like you’ve come somewhere.

For those who: find themselves weary of their writing project — procrastinate getting to it — can’t see it freshly — can hardly remember what inspired them to begin it in the first place — have trouble concentrating — feel fragmented, unsure, fuzzy-headed — wish they could be more disciplined — experience the project as lifeless, and feel some boredom and despair — sense that the project has taken a different path from what they originally expected, and don’t know whether or how to follow its lead — wish they could “just get it done” —

Going the Distance offers vitality, clarity, aliveness, endurance, decisiveness, purposeful achievement, concentration, discipline, and enthusiastic creativity, so that you can stay with your writing project despite obstacles, and come out victorious and fulfilled.


The idea of revising your writing may fill you with eagerness or with dread. Dread comes from fearing that you won’t like what you have written, and will be so overwhelmed by the task that you’ll have to start again or scrap the whole thing. Eagerness comes about when you realize that revising your book gives you a precious chance to see more deeply into what you have done, and what you can yet do to find the deeper layers of meaning and beauty implicit in your writing, awaiting only your patient craftsmanship and care.

Revision: The Gift of Refinement will help you navigate the terrain of your earlier drafts and bring forth a lasting jewel.

For those who: feel impatient and want perfect writing to happen right away —  tend to criticize themselves when they read what they have written —  want more pride in who they are and what they are capable of — aren’t aware of the artistry in them —  experience mental congestion or overwhelm —  Revision provides you with the patience to tolerate those awkward early drafts, trusting that later revisions will yield more clarity, insight, beauty, and satisfaction —  awareness of richness and texture —  the ability to transform criticalness into discernment —  an expansive perspective, allowing your focus to include both the details and the bigger picture —  the enthusiasm, discipline, and concentration to rework, re-see, and repair what does not yet hold together beautifully . . . until it (seemingly magically) does!

It’s been said, nowadays, that writing a book constitutes just 5 percent compared to the 95 percent of what’s required to get the book out to your readers. Marketing, promotion, speaking, doing readings, workshops, teaching, and so on ~ these more external, extroverted activities can be daunting to some writers, whose natural milieu is more often that quiet, contemplative, internal place behind the scenes. Yet when you give yourself to your writing, the completed work is your “baby.” You don’t want to abandon it; you want to bring it into the world well. Shining Star: Letting Your Light Come All the Way into the World helps you to willingly promote your book — to view the book as a gift to the world, and to make this contribution by standing firmly, gladly, and enthusiastically behind your creation, anticipating a welcome reception.

For those who: prefer the more introverted, behind-the-scenes role of writing to getting out there to promote and market your book — Shining Star helps you accept being seen as the creator, make a spiritual and social contribution, complete the circle of creation, reap abundant rewards, and feel an intrinsic and valuable part of the human family.

If you are going to invest your time in reading a book, why not get all you can from reading it? The Reader’s Gift helps you absorb information, take the book in fully through your senses, and digest the essence of the book in a juicy, alive, holistic way. Using this flower essence remedy before, during, or after you read will lay the book’s treasures at your feet and make them your own.

For those who: — tend to read without retaining what they have read — would like to enter into the experience of reading completely, and both “lose” themselves and “find” themselves in it — wish they could ingest both the details and the essence of their reading, and digest them well enough to stay nourished over time — emerge with a sense of the whole, dimensional picture as well as the details —

The Reader’s Gift offers a unique opportunity to optimize your reading experience as food for your mind, heart, and spirit, by: absorbing what you read in an easy, focused way — being in a position to articulate it clearly — focus so that details register easily — and use your imaginative senses to fully enjoy and get the most from your reading experience.

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