Flower Essence Remedies

to Help You Write Your Book Deeply and Well,

and Bring It Confidently to the World

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🌸 Flowers! How beautifully they grace our lives, our fields, our gardens, our tables. We know the pleasure given us by a flower’s form and color, its raying petals, shy buds, and exuberant blooms, its scent — whether face-to-face or glimpsed in an artist’s homage of a painting. We know flowers. Or we think we do.

Ah, but are you aware that each flower has its own special quality that can provide a medicine for what ails us — whether that ailing occurs on the physical level, the emotional, mental, relational, or spiritual? And that this medicine, when gathered, distilled, and formulated as a flower essence remedy, can release a kindred quality in us — so that we may, with their help, move from fear to courage; from despair to optimism; from shyness to enthusiastic engagement; and much more?

If we find ourselves in need of courage, for example, then Borage can help to open up that capacity in us. If we need to move past the constriction of shyness, then Water Violet can give its gifts to help us do this. There are so many flower essences made possible by the abundance of nature — and by the wisdom and skill of the practitioner who carefully creates the essences for our use.

Simply taking 10 drops under the tongue, 3/x day, of the remedy that calls to us can open up that same quality from the seedbed of our infinite potential, so that we experience just what it is that we need. We take the essence of the flowers into us, and they give us back our enhanced selves. What could be better for creating an inner atmosphere conducive to wonderful, grateful writing?

🌺 A Welcome Gift of Nature 🌺


Writing, especially writing a book, has typically been fraught with so many fears that many people do not look forward to it, even when it’s the book of their heart. What is needed, in my view, is an inner atmosphere that opens us up effortlessly to doing the writing — an atmosphere that we can literally breathe into, that feels as natural as it is an act of grace.

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Writing a book (or anything else that requires intimacy with oneself in writing) can bring forth all sorts of obstructions that work to convince us that we cannot really write in a way that truly serves and pleases us. The faces of these obstructions are legion: self-doubt, self-sabotage, overwhelm, and discouragement are only a few of the “dragons” at the gates of our inner temple.

We need something to help us from succumbing to these unfriendly characteristics masquerading as “the truth,” which block our impulses to express what’s deep within us from seeing the light of day.

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Sometimes, we just need something to come help us open up the qualities we cannot reach or perhaps even yet conceive of — which, if they could only be ours, would make all the difference. To turn our procrastinated writing into “can’t-wait-to-get-to-it!” writing sessions. To turn our “Well, that was a waste of my writing time” into “Getting closer, getting closer, I can feel it, getting closer.” To turn our self-dismissive tendencies into patience, wait-and-see, “Let’s just try this out and see where it goes. . . .”

There are some things that begin from the outside that soon become part of our inside. Then, the atmosphere we have been hoping for to cradle and gestate our seed-of-a-book grows from within — holding us, nourishing us, enabling us to be true to ourselves as we write.

🌺 I have found flower essences to be one of the most potent, tangible remedies for opening writers to the healing, even divine, qualities that let them write with wholehearted engagement, inner attunement, and delight.

It is my joy to share them with you now.

Let Flowers Grow Your Writing Dreams into Bloom

These 3 Essences Have Been Created Exclusively to Support Your Book-Writing Needs — Inside and Out

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🌸 Sacred Space Essentials — an Australian flower essence company whose remedies I have long used and enjoyed — has collaborated with me to design a unique series of flower essence remedies exclusively for the Rose Press “Enhancements for Writers” Collection. Both of us are dedicated to enhance your flowering through your writing.

💮 3 unique flower remedies to enhance your book-writing experience,

from beginning the manuscript to bringing your completed book into the world. 💮

Products from nature designed just for you — based on what writers tend to struggle with when writing a book.

Flower essence remedies influence in a positive way the mind, the feelings, the spirit, and the soul, and even the body. It’s quite amazing that just 10 drops of an essence taken under the tongue 3 times a day can have such a powerful, though often subtle, effect. The nearly infinite variety of the Flower Kingdom offers its gifts to us when cultivated by an expert practitioner who recognizes that each flower has its own healing qualities, opening up corresponding positive qualities in us.

When I told Linda Bizon, the founder of Sacred Space Essentials and now my collaborator, about the qualities I had explored in my book, 10 Essential Qualities That Help You Write a Book, she used my descriptions as a foundation for formulating her remedies. Then — bringing her considerable experience, methodicalness, and intuition to bear — she chose from her lush, working garden those flowers that provide just what writers of deep books would need.

How do these remedies work? Says Linda:

🌸 “Flower essences help us naturally blossom. The essence is collected from a plant when the plant is at its optimum flowering peak, in all its glory. When I make an essence, I wait until the flower says ‘Pick me, pick me!’ It’s a process of connecting with the plant, looking into the plant – and seeing, what does it look like it’s about? You allow yourself to communicate with the plant and get its message.

“These flower essence remedies don’t stimulate and they don’t suppress: they bring us into that right place of balance for the issues that flower essence relates to. They will take us where we need to go for that aspect of our soul to be whole again. They help us come into our own blossoming, whatever that is for each of us.”

Imagine simply taking 10 drops of one or more of these remedies 3x/day and finding yourself writing with confidence . . . self-trust . . . optimism . . . mental clarity . . . creativity . . . flow . . . stamina . . . the ability to see new vistas . . . resilience . . . the ability to speak your truth . . . joy . . . and much, much more!

This is what awaits you in all 3 flower essence remedies exclusively designed for the Rose Press Collection by Sacred Space Essentials. Avail yourself of one, two, or all three, depending on what you sense will best help you.

💮 The First 2 Remedies Support Your INTERNAL Process

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The first two remedies address the inner process of writing a book. Many people who think about writing a book consider themselves introverts, and therefore are more at home in the internal, writing phase. For them, getting to look inside themselves is part of the intrinsic reward of writing.

Remedy #1: “Cultivating the Deeper Self” — This remedy is designed to provide support for overcoming internal blocks (doubts, fears, not feeling good enough, “Who wants to hear from me?” etc.).

Remedy #2: “Writing from the Deeper Self” — This remedy is designed to provide support for overcoming blocks to the actual expression of deep writing (e.g., can’t find the flow, elusive connection to inspiration, etc.).

These essences will open up qualities such as:

🌹Confidence / Enthusiasm / Joy / Vitality / Releasing the weight of the past / Writing without time pressure / Compassion / Self-trust / Encouragement / Optimism / Courage / Equanimity / Ability to see new vistas / Creativity / Resilience / Discernment / Higher wisdom / Speaking your truth / Attention to detail / Mental clarity / Stamina and endurance / Willingness to be in the unknown.

The 3rd remedy supports the external process of bringing your book to the world

Remedy #3: “Bring Your Deep Writing into the World” — The third remedy is designed to support you in the outer, more extroverted process of bringing your completed book into the world. Book promotion, marketing, interviews, author platform — this is the aspect that many writers who feel more comfortable being behind the scenes would rather avoid. But since letting the world know about the book of your heart is important for the world’s healing (as well as your receiving the gifts from your book’s being read), using this remedy can help you be willing, even eager, to do it.

🌹Remedy #3 enables you to share your book with the public without: Shyness / Overwhelm / Time Pressure / Being affected by Criticism — and with: Enthusiasm / Confidence / Positivity / Radiance / Inspiration / Creativity / Gregariousness / Resilience / Courage / Willingness to step outside your comfort zone / Joy of being recognized for your contribution.

In short these 3 remedies provide you with everything you need in order to write your book, complete it, and confidently bring it to the world.

(Note: Should you wish to take more than one remedy in the same time period, wait at least 10 minutes after taking one remedy before using the next.)

The Healing That Awaits You

You can purchase individual flower essence remedies, or you can buy all three. Read the benefits below, and then click on the “BUY” button that best suits your needs. (Note: These remedies can only be purchased from Sacred Space Essentials. For specific ordering details, scroll down to the “TO ORDER” section.)


For when your challenge in writing your book lies inside you.

Flower essence rose #1, Cultivating   the Deeper Self (with description.JPG

You are the treasury from which your book will grow. Yet if you feel assailed by negative inner commentary and conditioning that cause you to believe in your limitations rather than in your actual gifts, skills, and potentials, you may experience an internal tug-of-war, an inner landscape of drought, a straitjacket of confinement that can keep your writing from ever making it onto the page. This is what it is to be “nipped in the bud” — a disheartening, even tragic loss of the beautiful, healing contributions through your creative expression that only you can make.

Flower Essence, Cultivating the Deeper Self.JPG

Fortunately, all the qualities you might need in order to overcome this painful, frustrating situation are already available to you in seed form, in potential. The “Cultivating the Deeper Self” flower essence remedy can help them flower in you now. Here’s the kind of thing you can anticipate after taking this remedy:

🌹 Moving out of self-doubt into confidence 🌹 Letting go of the past (things placed on you that have stopped you from moving forward) 🌹 Dropping self-sabotage 🌹 Feeling centered 🌹 Releasing time pressure; letting the writing process happen in its own good time 🌹 Emerging out of shyness into a feeling of full belonging 🌹 Standing up for what you believe 🌹 Inspiration and vitality 🌹 Self-acceptance 🌹 Compassion and self-compassion 🌹 Ability to see things in a new way 🌹 Ability to rise up through situations that previously kept you down 🌹 Discernment; sorting out the wheat from the chaff 🌹 and more.

🌸 “Cultivating the Deeper Self” provides you with a way to befriend yourself profoundly. From this inner place, writing your book will be an organic outgrowth of the treasury within you. The cost of an individual bottle is equivalent to $11.69 USD ($16.50 in Australian dollars from the Sacred Space Essentials site, linked below). Or buy the full set of 3 at the special price of $31.89 USD ($45 AU). (For more details on ordering your remedies, see “TO ORDER,” below.)

Give yourself this remarkable gift now.


For when your challenge in writing your book has to do with the actual writing.

Flower essence rose #2, Writing   from the Deeper Self (with description).JPG

It is possible to think well of yourself and still struggle with the writing of your book. You may not know what direction to take your book in. You may not have a direct connection to what’s alive about the subject for you. You may not trust that what comes to you can pan out, instead of automatically trying to replace your heart-wisdom with clever mind-stuff. All sorts of things can interpose themselves between you and your deeper Self. Just feeling this discrepancy can be disheartening.

Fortunately, the “Writing from the Deeper Self” flower essence remedy has been expressly designed to help you bring the contact with your deeper Self into your writing. Here’s what you can anticipate after taking this remedy:

Flower Essence, Writing from the Deeper Self.JPG

🌹Pathways in your brain opening up that bring about this deeper understanding 🌹 Tapping into higher wisdom 🌹 Mental clarity and alertness 🌹 The ability to embody your inspirations in your book 🌹 Grit, stamina, being able to push through anything that gets in your way as you write 🌹 Courage (including for going into the unknown) 🌹 Optimism 🌹 Centered, consistent energy (an antidote to overwhelm) 🌹 Inspiration and vitality 🌹 Releasing time pressure; letting the writing happen in its own good time 🌹 Letting go of self-sabotage 🌹 Trust in yourself, in the writing process, in life 🌹 Passion, enthusiasm for your project 🌹 Artistry 🌹 Creativity 🌹 Vibrancy, aliveness, and joy

🌺 “Writing from the Deeper Self” lets you bring a wealth of positive qualities to the writing of your book and — in return — be inspired by what you have brought forth. The cost of an individual bottle is equivalent to $11.69 USD ($16.50 in Australian dollars from the Sacred Space Essentials site, linked below). Or buy the full set of 3 at the special price of $31.89 USD ($45 AU). (For more details on ordering your remedies, see “TO ORDER,” below.)

Why suffer needlessly? Let this flower essence remedy bring potency and wholeness to your experience of writing.


For when your challenge is about telling the world about your book

— letting its light (and your own) come into the world.

Writing the book is the first part. Once it’s in print, the next part is getting it known to your readers.

Flower essence rose #3, Bringing   Your Deep Book to the World (with description).JPG

Marketing, promotion, speaking, doing readings, workshops, teaching, and so on — these more external, extroverted activities can be daunting to some writers, whose natural milieu is more often that quiet, contemplative, internal place behind the scenes. Yet when you have given yourself to your writing, the completed work is your “baby.” You don’t want to abandon it; you want to bring it into the world well.

Flower Essence, Bringing Your Deep Writing to the World.JPG

A unique and much-needed support for writers who prefer the internal work of writing to the much more external work of letting that writing be known, “Bringing Your Deep Book to the World” enables you to keep your commitment to the book that you have so fully given yourself to — and to stand behind what you have written with confidence, authority, and joy. Here’s what you can anticipate after taking this remedy:

🌹 Letting go of shyness (for people who aren’t used to promoting themselves or being in the public arena) 🌹 Being willing to speak your truth (“This is what I’ve written; this is me”) 🌹 Letting go of self-sabotage (you don’t want to give so much of yourself to the writing, and then end up subverting its success) 🌹 Letting go of overwhelm (especially with the demands of publicizing, and keeping your energy consistent) 🌹 Courage and resilience 🌹 Willingness to step outside your comfort zone 🌹 Taking the time you need without feeling pressured 🌹 Opening to new, creative ways to publish and publicize your book 🌹 Being able to talk to people without getting overloaded 🌹 Inspiration and enthusiasm (especially when you’re not used to being in public in a promoting role) 🌹 A positive outlook 🌹 Radiance 🌹 The joy of receiving the recognition that you and your book deserve

🌹 “Bringing Your Book to the World” flower essence remedy helps you to willingly promote your book and not only be equal to the task but also experience wonderful things in the process. It enables you to hold the book as a gift to the world, and to stand firmly, gladly, enthusiastically behind your creation, anticipating a welcome reception. The cost of an individual bottle is equivalent to $11.69 USD ($16.50 in Australian dollars from the Sacred Space Essentials site, linked below). Or buy the full set of 3 at the special price of $31.89 USD ($45 AU). (For more details on ordering your remedies, see “TO ORDER,” below.)

Give yourself (and your grateful readers) this gift!

🌹The Full Bouquet: All 3 Remedies🌹

Flower Essences, WFDS (all 3).JPG

Cultivating the Deeper Self (the inner healing)

Writing from the Deeper Self (expressing the writing)

Bringing Your Deep Writing to the World (getting your book known)

Flower Essence Remedies for   Writers.JPG

Giving yourself access to all 3 flower essences can work for you on all levels connected with writing a book: help you with the inner healing, the process of writing, and getting your book out into the world.

Allowing all these Essences to support you is a wonderful way to transform your experience of writing, and to care for yourself and your book!

When you purchase all 3 custom-designed flower essence remedies, you get the special price of just $31.89 USD ($45 in Australian dollars), plus shipping.

You will receive:

  1. 🌸 “Cultivating the Deeper Self,” for overcoming your internal blockages to writing;

  2. 🌺 “Writing from the Deeper Self,” for overcoming barriers to the writing itself; and

  3. 🌹“Bringing Your Deep Writing to the World,” so you can market and promote this “baby” you’ve birthed in the way that it and you deserve.

    That way, you’ll have everything you need to nourish yourself and your book within reach.

The cost of an individual bottle is equivalent to $11.69 USD ($16.50 in Australian dollars from the Sacred Space Essentials site, linked below). Or When you buy the full set of 3, you receive a special price of $31.89 USD ($45 AU) — essentially 2 for the price of 3. (For more details on ordering your remedies, see “TO ORDER,” below.)

📔The Book That Enhances the Remedies 📔

10 ESSENTIAL QUALITIES THAT HELP YOU WRITE YOUR BOOK: A Guide to Assessing Where You Are Within Yourself about Your Book & How You Can Move Towards Being What You Need

10 Essential Qualities That Help   You Write a Book (cover image).JPG

10 Essential Qualities That Help You Write Your Book provides not only descriptions of each quality; it also gives you intimate touchstones for connecting with them. Watering the seeds of these 10 potentials that already are in you happens simply as you give your attention to what’s in the book. And when you take the actual remedies in conjunction with working with this book, you can look forward to a beautiful inner garden growing and blooming.

📔 READ THE BOOK — to go with any or all of these custom-designed remedies, or as a stand-alone. Click here to learn more about this book.

Offering you a detailed, penetrating, inspiring look into 10 essential qualities available within you that you can open up once you are conscious of them, this book invites your reflections, inquiries, and opportunities for these inherent essential qualities within you to bloom. This benefits you as well as the book you will write. These are the qualities that led to the formulation of the 3 Sacred Space Essentials flower essence remedies.

To Order

🌺 These remedies can only be purchased from Sacred Space Essentials. When you click on the button(s) below, you’ll be taken to a special page on their site that’s devoted to these flower essence remedies for writers. The cost of each bottle is $16.50 in Australian dollars (equal to $11.69 USD). If you buy the full set of 3, you’ll receive a special price of $45 AU / $31.89 USD.

Note: Due to the cost of international postage when ordering from Australia, you may wish to purchase 5 or more remedies (volume: 25ml each) for the same shipping cost. This could be two sets of all 3 remedies, or 1 full set plus any other remedies you are drawn to on the Sacred Space Essentials site.

📔 You also can purchase the 10 Essential Qualities book directly from Sacred Space Essentials, along with the flower essence remedies (a single shopping trip). Click below for the flower essence remedies alone, or the remedies + the book.

🌺 The Take-Away 🌺

Creating a beautiful atmosphere in which to write inside you as well as outside you can only help you mine the limitless treasures of your deeper Self — and enjoy the process. I’m so thrilled to have found a knowledgeable collaborator in Sacred Space Essentials, whose remedies I have enjoyed for years, to share with you.

Whether you buy a single remedy or the whole package of 3, your experience of writing will transform into a natural, looked-forward-to gift to yourself and to the world. Give yourself this nourishment.

As Linda Bizon of Sacred Space Essentials puts it:

“It's my desire to help the world heal on as many levels as possible. Flower remedies help people . . . and our sacred spaces return to balance and harmony, and from that place, to blossom, just as flowers do. I guarantee you'll notice a difference in taking any remedy I prepare.”

* Art credit: The woman-with-flowers image at the top of this page is from Memories of a Lifetime: Vintage Labels from a Lady’s Dressing Room, by Nancy Rosin. New York: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., 2006.

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