10 Essential Qualities That Help You Write a Book


From “THE CREATIVE PROCESS” series in the Rose Press Collection*

This book will help you open to specific essential qualities waiting within, so that you can write your book with:

inspiration / confidence / fluidity / the ability to see both the trees and the forest / depth / compassion / commitment / rewriting refinement / and the readiness to bring your completed book into the world.

Too often, we feel stopped from within from going forward with our desire to write a book. Doubts, fears, the whole slew of inner-critic “protections” — these can obstruct even the most profound and tender writing from making it onto the page. Like stomping with hobnail boots on newly seeded grass, we trample our subtle dreams into the ground.

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But there are ways for us to become conscious of what stops us from proceeding with writing the book of our heart, and to address them in a true and satisfying way. We can recognize and develop certain inner essential qualities that will enable us to write our book from start to finish.

Knowing about these essential qualities — and knowing that we can tap into them and make them real for ourselves — can help us move beyond perceived limitations and stuck places in seeking to write a book.

Then we can work with ourselves instead of against ourselves. In this way, writing a book becomes not so much a daunting challenge as an opportunity to realize more of our true nature.

And we can grow inside, as we grow our book.

BOOK DETAILS: 10 Essential Qualities That Help You Write a Book: A Guide to Assessing Where You Are Within Yourself about Your Book & How You Can Move Towards Being What You Need, E-book (PDF download), $14.95

* The Creative Process series brings you closer to the Source of creation that is not only available to you, but is actually in you. Whether you want to start actually writing a book or simply become more intimate with your inherent creative ability, this series will unveil the mystery by bringing you into the Mystery of Creation, and give you insights, tools, and encouragement to take this wonderful, life-changing journey for yourself. Out of this will evolve a book with your authentic voice and message — one that heals you as you write it, and heals your readers as they read it.

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When we find ourselves called to write a book, we may feel we’re not up to the task. We don’t know enough, or we aren’t good enough writers, or we just plain aren’t enough. These doubts and fears can obscure the genuineness, power, and beauty of what wants to come forth through us. We may brush our creative desires aside, but a nagging sense persists. Something wants to be known through us, as well as by us.

If we had to rely only on our learned skills of writing — what got us through school papers, dissertations, reports, articles, and so on; how we felt we had to ignore or distort what was in us to fulfill external expectations and requirements — then we might have reason to doubt ourselves. Because conditioned skills developed for reasons outside our own desires are innately limited — and, often, disconnected from what’s alive in us in the moment of writing.

But there’s good news: we don’t.

As human beings, we have access to infinite essential qualities that dwell within us — in seed form, if not already blossomed.

These qualities give to us, rather than taking from us. They renew and expand us rather than depleting us. And they are always here for us, if we know about them and know how to open to them.

Over many years of working with clients (as well as with my own writing process), I have identified 10 of these essential qualities that come into play in writing a book. When present, they not only bring you through the corresponding phases of book-writing, they also deepen your sense of who you are. This, then, travels with you into your next creative project.

The 10 essential qualities in this book are the ones that consistently have shown up as most needed by clients I have worked with over the years. Some of them may already come so easily to you that you seem to breeze right through the writing phases that require them. Others may seem beyond you, and so stop you at the gate of entry, or let you only hobble through.

It’s especially the more difficult-for-you phases that you’ll want the help of the essential qualities for —  to open your channels, ease your way, and deepen and transform your experience. These are the 10 essential qualities:

  1. Creativity: Connecting with Your Creativity (“The Writer’s Muse”)

  2. Confidence (“Confident Expressions”)  

  3. Flow (“Trusting the Writing to Unfold”)

  4. Clarity: The Forest (“Seeing the Big Picture: Getting Clarity and Perspective”)

  5. Intimate Noticing: The Trees (“Coming in Closer: A Feeling for Detail”)

  6. Depth (“Going Deeper into the Writing by Going Deeper into the Writer”)

  7. Self-Compassion (“Rewriting the Past”)

  8. Commitment: Stamina for the Long Haul (“Going the Distance: Gladly Staying with Your Writing Until It’s Complete”)

  9. Re-vision: Weaving the Pieces into a Seamless Whole (“Revision: The Gift of Refinement”)

  10. Being Visible: Giving the Gift of Your Book to the World (“Shining Star: Bringing Your Light All the Way into the World”)

Just knowing that these 10 essential qualities exist and are available to you in itself brings you into closer touch with your true nature. And then, to play with them and taste them as this book invites you to do can bring you intimately closer to their multi-leveled, multi-petalled support. All this helps you write your book in an authentic, open-hearted, and grateful way.

This book is especially for you if you:

10 essential qualities that help you write a book

10 essential qualities that help you write a book

  • Treasure the inner life and want to write a book that carries that inner resonance.

  • Recognize that essential qualities exist, but haven’t connected them to the experience of writing your book.

  • Already are steeped in the ways of healing, but haven’t known how to relate this to writing a book and having a healing experience of writing.

  • Enjoy self-inquiry and self-reflection, but haven’t combined this way of accessing your inner life with writing your book.

  • Are an inner explorer/adventurer seeking to bring the richness and mystery of the inner life into your writing.

  • Know nothing about any of this but are willing to find out.

10 Essential Qualities That Help You Write a Book invites you to clear the obstacles to your free, deep, engaged writing of your book through inquiry, exploration, reflection, and play. You’ll get to use both your “Linear Brain” and your “Artistic Brain” — or, as my book, Starting Your Book, puts it, the “top-down” approach and the “bottom-up approach." All of you has a part to play in opening to the gifts of these essential qualities.

Here’s a glimpse of the first quality in the book: “Creativity.”

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Essential Quality #1: Creativity — Exploring Creativity for Yourself 💮

Creativity has so much to do with exploring — the play of following what comes to you and seeing where it leads. Explore your relationship with your creative Muse — past, present, or future. Enjoy the playing.

Touching into inspiration; the joy of being an instrument of something larger, which matches a burning desire inside you. What needs to happen inside you to experience that? What can help (from inside / from outside)?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “creativity”? Do you think of deep contentment in giving yourself to answering an internal call? Do you think of something elusive and tricky — that you have to do something to yourself (perhaps destructive) to bring forth? Do you think of geniuses who died young and spent? Of the “favored few” who have it in abundance, like good genes or inherited money?

Do you think of . . . you?

The reality is that everyone is creative. True, not everyone is focused on creativity . . . and some people’s creativity has been underfed and unsupported, sometimes as early as in childhood. But by sheer dint of being born human, creativity is everyone’s birthright.

Yet there are so many misconceptions about what it means to be creative. So many images, postures, even poses regarding creativity. (A photo of Salvador Dali wearing an artistic hat, his trademark mustache, and a sly smile comes to my mind.) As if to say, “I know something you don’t know. I have something you don’t have.”

But that’s like saying, “I have a soul and you don’t.” That’s not how it goes. We can certainly be out of touch with our soul, and live in a state of what Thoreau called leading “lives of quiet desperation.” But it is always possible to reconnect to our souls, and then a life of meaning infuses us.

It’s not by accident that I make this parallel to the soul. Creativity is an intrinsic aspect of our spiritual nature. When we open to our spiritual nature, creativity opens up too. When we open to true creativity, our spiritual nature is right here, guiding us, inspiring us, feeding us. Everyone has fallow periods of creativity at times, but to me this is more an indication that something within needs to be attended to for a time (rest, or play, or self-reflection, perhaps) than it is that creativity is absent.

So the first step in invoking the essential quality of creativity may simply be being open to it.  

Where in your life — in what arena of your life — would you like to experience creativity at this time? See what comes to you as you ponder this question.

 How does the creative process work in you? I’m convinced that it comes differently to each person, as fits the person. If you start being curious, and noticing how it comes (do you wake up with a good idea? are you inspired in the shower? does taking a walk activate creativity in you?), it will start to come to you more often.   

Admittedly, sometimes finding the connection to your “Muse” can be challenging. Is it really as fickle as the old saying has it, that “Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration”? Do you have to work your fingers to the bone for that 1 percent? Or could it be that your Muse is trying to get through to you (it’s calling you; you’re the one who’s being courted), and when you put in that 99 (or whatever) percent of effort wholeheartedly, you are co-creating with the Source of inspiration?

Food for thought, right?

What if the Source of creativity is often (always?) seeking to get your attention, and because you think creativity “should” show up in a certain way, or that only other people are creative, you miss the cues, the nudges, the whispers in the night that are intended specifically for you.

So the first step in invoking the essential quality of creativity may simply be trusting that it’s there in you.

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There’s more to this chapter, and throughout the book. Each chapter offers a section on “Clearing Obstacles to Receiving Creative Inspiration”; the invitation to “Take a brief look within”;Conclusions & Realizations"; and “Exploring Creativity for Yourself.”

Whether you want to —

  • 💮 Develop a trusting relationship with your creativity (Essential Quality 1: “Creativity”)

  • 💮 Be confidently in touch and in tune with your true self (Essential Quality 2: “Confidence”)

  • 💮 Move with the wave that arises from following the interest of the heart (Essential Quality 3: “Flow”)

  • 💮 Find meaningful connections among the pieces of what you write so the whole makes itself known (Essential Quality 4: “Seeing the Big Picture [The Forest]”)

  • 💮 Bring your senses and imagination into the writing in a more concrete, embodied way (Essential Quality 5: “Intimate Noticing: Coming in Closer — A Feeling for Detail [The Trees]”)

  • 💮 Write from the place that knows from within and bring the truth to the surface (Essential Quality 6: “Depth: Going Deeper into the Writing by Going Deeper into the Writing”)

  • 💮 Go back into the past — with compassion, this time — to see with new eyes, let a new story line open up (Essential Quality 7: “Compassion: Rewriting the Past”)

  • 💮 See your project with fresh eyes again and again when the urge to drop it overtakes you, until you are re-ignited by what you saw in it in the first place, and what it’s new-growth possibilities may be (Essential Quality 8: “Commitment: Gladly Staying with Your Writing Until It’s Complete”)

  • 💮 Revise what you wrote in light of where the book has shown you it wants to go, and take pleasure in — and enhance your artistry through — the revision process (Essential Quality 9: “Revision: The Gift of Refinement”)

  • 💮 Let the world know that you have written a wonderful, worthwhile book, and thus fulfill your original desire to make a contribution to the world by bringing forth what’s within you (Essential Quality 10: “Being Visible: Giving the Gift of Your Book to the World”)

— working with 10 Essential Qualities That Help You Write a Book can give you the deep support, sustenance, and inspiration to start, continue, and complete your book as you claim these beautiful qualities for yourself. (BONUS: Once you know they are yours, you can use them in any aspect of your life.)

And for an extra boost —

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These 10 qualities await you from within. Let the match be made.

You’ve a choice of ways to take in the 10 essential qualities. (Giving yourself just one is good; giving yourself both is an amazing way to truly anchor these qualities):

  1. Read the book. You can buy it either from the shop on this site, or from the Sacred Space Essentials site when purchasing the flower essence remedies.

  2. Take the flower essence remedies, designed exclusively for Writing from the Deeper Self by Sacred Space Essentials. (Available directly from the Sacred Space Essentials site in Australia.) (See the “Flower Essence Remedies for Writers” page for more details on these essences.)

In any case, your writing — and your being — are bound to be enhanced. To your health, your joy, and your book!