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Meditations to Encourage Deep Creating

So much of inspired, substantial creation is a matter of shifting consciousness. It’s not about “Am I talented or not?” or “Can I create a great work or not?” It’s much more a matter of putting the frightened ego to rest so that the true depth and beauty — and guidance within us — has room to emerge, and we are available to let it in and work with it.

Artists know (no matter what ego machinations may make their appearance — and it’s common that they do*) that the real lure of creating is to be a sacred instrument. Not fame, not fortune, not even 100,000 followers on social media. (Not that these, too, can’t happen; just that they can’t be the goal if we are serious about wanting this divine connection to happen.)

It may seem presumptuous of me — or facile, or even trendy — to use the term, “connecting with the divine” through your creative process. But it’s just how it is. When you long to make deep contact with something real inside yourself, and your inner doubts, fears, comparisons, and other typical, human ego concerns don’t totally take over, then the connection with the One you seek who is also seeking you can be made. For it never left. As Rumi wrote (translation by Coleman Barks and John Moyne):

Listen to the story told by the reed,
of being separated.

“Since I was cut from the reedbed,
I have made this crying sound. 

Anyone apart from someone he loves
understands what I say. 

Anyone pulled from a source
longs to go back.”

. . . Intimacy and longing for intimacy,
one song.

Because I have at times experienced the unutterable joy of being an instrument for something that felt true, for articulating a deeper connection to my true nature — as well as struggling and suffering from the obstacles interfering with that longed-for relationship — I feel for anyone who wants to create for real and doesn’t fully trust that it’s possible for them.

And so I include the following meditations to help you move through that opening door, and bring the “music” through the “flute” of your own being.




* Ego machinations that can obscure genuine creativity (even grab it by the throat) include: fear; doubt; comparing yourself with someone else; comparing yourself with who you think you’re supposed to be; self-criticism; fear of disappointing someone (an authority, whether current or from childhood); fear of disappointing God; fear of going deep (aka “the shallows” — see the “Resources / Education” page of this website); protecting yourself from anticipated negative input from others; protecting yourself from perceived negative input from others (present or past); flashbacks to previous negative experiences; not bringing in the Witness to center you in the present moment. . . . my goodness, this is not even an inclusive list!

But the good news is, again, that “the One you are seeking is seeking you.” The simple truth of your being, underlying all the diversions and buried innocence that may have taken place, is always here. And as you become more simple, yourself — for example, by focusing on such ever-present aids as your breath, and the rhythm of your breath — that essential place in you rises up to meet you. Even more, it announces its presence with eagerness, and song!