So in coming out of hiding, here ~ and sharing my gifts of writing, art, and music ~ I know
that I am honoring myself and the reason the Beloved takes delight in me (for being able to listen to what is given, contain it, and give it
back, transformed).

I hope you will feel honored, as well ~ and perhaps even inspired to try your own hand
at bringing forth what is in you. If I can be of service in that regard, it would be my joy.

What awaits you on this site:

  • Art
  • Writings
  • Music
  • Books
  • Creative inspirations
  • The wealth of the inner life (and its connection to financial wealth)
  • And more.

Muse around, see what's here, see what you
like. If you are called to respond in some way,
my contact information is on the menu.
And my products are available in the
online shop.

Welcome to the Naomi Rose site. While I have other sites for helping people bring forth the hidden treasures that lie within them (see "Links"), this site is to share with you my own creative process and some of the art that has been birthed out of that process.

My hope is that it will speak to you about yourself, in some way.

For the longest time, I hid my light "under a bushel." The things that either were closest to my heart, or came most easily to me, or both ~ those were precisely the things I hid. A natural (and, later, trained) artist, and the daughter of two writers, somehow I came to believe that what came from me was not enough; that I would need to embellish my products (and myself) to meet some external standard that would be able to receive and approve.

These days, I know that it is precisely that which lies shyly in wait, within, that is our truest gift. This is what we long for, and often hide from ourselves.

"What secret is at stake when one truly listens, that is, when one tries to capture or surprise the sonority rather than the message?" ~ Jean-Luc Nancy, Listening

Naomi Rose

True art comes out of listening.

We receive what we are given, and it gestates in the womb of our own being.

When we give birth to it, it has a life that is both of us and beyond us.

This sacred process may be a large part of why we are here.