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We also have a unique encouragement for you from the healing world of flowers.

Flower essence remedies designed exclusively for my clients and customers — you — by the Australian company, Sacred Space Essentials.

  1. Cultivating the Deeper Self,” provides support for overcoming internal blocks (doubts, fears, not feeling good enough, “Who wants to hear from me?” etc.).

  2. Writing from the Deeper Self,” provides support for overcoming blocks to the actual expression of deep writing (e.g., can’t find the flow, elusive connection to inspiration, etc.).

Bring Your Deep Writing into the World,” supports you in the outer, more extroverted process of book promotion and marketing, interviews (the aspect that many writers, more comfortable behind the scenes, would just as soon avoid).

Choose any or all from the set of three. To find out how these remedies can work to help you, see the Enhancements for Writers page on Flower Essences.

How You Can Plug In

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💮 We can work together one-on-one for any writing project that you are called to. It could be a book (if so, you’ll want to see the “Book Development” page on this site). It could also be an article – a story – a website – a blog – anything that you have an inner (as well as perhaps an outer) call to write, where you want to be truly present for the experience and bring forth the best of who you are.

A good way to start is to schedule a complimentary half-hour session to explore your project, needs, and ways. I reserve a limited number of spaces for these sessions, so contact me soon to reserve yours.

You can also:

💮 Get familiar with the pages on this website – so many ways to become nourished and informed!

💮 Sign up for my email list on the sign-up form (above) and receive an excerpt from my book, Starting Your Book.

💮 Read the full text of Starting Your Book to get a taste of my way of working, and the Writing from the Deeper Self approach.

🌸 Work with my book, 10 Essential Qualities That Help You Write a Book, to get a sense of what’s possible for you.

💮 Take the Flower Essence Remedies for Writers, created exclusively for Writing from the Deeper Self.

There are many ways to connect with your deeper Self through writing. Look through the treasures on this site and find the ones that call to you.

"Naomi encouraged me to do the joyful thing, instead of the things I think I should do. This was very affirming. And I felt heard, in a very strong initial way. It's different from trying to write on my own, because it feels like what I'm doing is being done in relationship." — Shirley R. McGinnis, author, Sometimes Love Is Enough

How It Works

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💮 Intimacy with Yourself: The End of the Scary-Blank-Page Syndrome
In this holistic, whole-person approach to writing, you do “get the job done” — you write your book, story, article, website, or other form. You get it into the hands and minds of your readers. You help bring about the desired effect in your own life, your readers’ lives, and the world.

But not in a “get-it-done” way. Instead, in a more contemplative, self-exploring,  inspired way. 

Here, the process is not only as important as the product; the process is essential to the product.

Words may be your starting point. Or — a unique feature of this approach — you could see them as the outcome of a more nonverbal process. What might this mean?

First you touch into what feels true; then, the words come. Instead of always having to be the driving force, the words arise to match your internal inspirations, knowings, and dynamics; experiences that — in their direct state — have no words. 

It’s in the act of giving words to these experiences that you experience your own depth. And when you do, you bring yourself home (even if you’re surprised by the route that takes you here).

Even your body can be a doorway to deeper, more subtle ways of feeling, realizing, and perceiving — ways that make you race for your pen or computer. 

Diligence comes naturally, once you have received something that catches your deep interest, hooks you like a fish, showers you with unexpected inspiration just enough for you to reach for it — and in that reaching, opens up a deeper stratum of yourself. 

💮 Imagine what it will feel like to want to race towards your writing, eager to let the fragrance of what is giving itself to you seep into the page.

Ways We Can Work Together

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💮 Logistics

1. Who, Where, and How: I work with clients primarily one-on-one, We meet in person (if you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area), or by phone or Skype + email from anywhere in the world.

Our conversations nurture and guide your relationship to your writing, and reverberate when you are actually writing, between sessions.

In between sessions, you email me what you have written, and I give you feedback that can help you with your next round of writing. (The extent of the feedback depends on the package you choose. See below.)

2. Fees — I have a wide menu of packages to choose from.

3. Talking with me before making a commitment: I offer a complimentary 1/2-hour phone session for us to explore your project and our fit. From there, we’ll be able to tell if this is for you, and what configuration of time and money is most appropriate for you. 

I welcome the opportunity to serve you in the ways that feel right to you.

“Sitting with you was like sitting with a seasoned spiritual director. Very present, very open to what I might say. Responding from the heart to my writings, which was very precious to me. For a person who is longing to be deeply heard, just sitting with you and seeing my spoken work impact you is a precious thing. You help me to see the transcendent aspect of my writing, so that it becomes an ‘of course’ to think of sharing it outside our meetings, perhaps to publish it.” — Roberta Gannon, MFT, Spiritual Director

Client Reviews

💮 “I'm happy to acknowledge Naomi Rose's important influence on my writing life as I have others in the past: Julia Cameron, Natalie Goldberg, and Eric Maisel, to name a few. I've since come to regard (and treasure) her as a writing mentor.

“I immediately sensed the difference in her coaching style and was attracted to the expressive warmth and rich authenticity oozing from her work in what she calls "Writing from the Deeper Self."

“Naomi Rose's writings and personal coaching sessions have imbued me with so much that I'm grateful for, transforming and alchemizing things within that have manifested as deep writing.”



Chris Dunmire, Creative Director & Publisher, Creativity Portal (included in “Writers Digest 101 best sites”)

💮 “I just wanted to thank you for your help in the early part of my book development. You really helped me to listen more deeply for my soul’s calling in what I was writing, to share more of my experiences and heart.

"I thought you would enjoy knowing that the book finally got birthed into the world.  I am getting really, really good feedback on it so far. Thanks for your wonderful work with authors like me.” 

— Deborah Welch, PhD. Author, Forgiveness at Work: Stories of the Power, Possibility, and Practice of Forgiveness in the Workplace

💮 “Naomi is an amazing writing coach. She started me on my path of writing from my depths ten years ago.

“I loved how she supported me to quickly claim my unique strengths as a writer. Naomi coached me through writing my very first e-course, ‘Collage for Self-Discovery,’ which is still alive and loved in the online market today.”

— Shelley Klammer, Shelley Klammer Counselling

💮 “You are indeed the creative midwife, Naomi, and you have a unique way of always inspiring those with whom you come into contact — every time!

“Writing is a lonely venture, with few mentors willing to urge you on. I am immensely grateful for the time that you've so generously gifted me with, and I'll cherish that forever." 

— Olga Lopes, Writer

💮 “Working with Naomi was like having someone who is for you, who keeps seeing you and accepting you. She helped me find the true Story beneath the story I’d been telling myself.

"But first, I had to find my heart. Naomi’s role in this was divine. Her gift was to help me further wed my life to my art, and in the process, to heal both. This is what I mean when I say I couldn’t have written the book without Naomi. She is truly my fairy godmother of writing.”

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— Katayoon Zandvakili, Author, My Beautiful Impostor

💮 “From the moment I read Naomi’s newsletter, I knew she would understand what I was feeling but couldn’t quite articulate — namely that my writing felt like it was coming too much from the ‘intellect’ and not enough from the deeper Self.

“Her description of the distilling process resonated with my feeling that a lot of the heavier head-stuff needed to fall to the bottom, so the words of the heart could rise to the top.

“Naomi provided me with a sense of being understood, helped me clarify what I wanted to convey, and organized the material so that it began to have more structural integrity. Her comments and suggestions reflected my intentions, and her questions inspired me to go deeper.

"She shared with me a feeling of deep appreciation of my work, both the content and those passages where her ‘breath was taken away.’ That some of my writing touched her so deeply gave me sense of confidence to trust my heart to speak its truth."

— Shelle Goldstein, LCSW, PA. Author, Blossoming Beyond the Desert

💮 “Naomi is gifted with the ability to create time and space for her writing students to feel our experiences welling up from our roots, 

their own unique tides coursing through our bodies, and to meld them with the words that name them. Together, we can swim in the language like fish, as naturally as we were always meant to.

“She is also a startlingly gifted writer, whose inspired and deeply satisfying writing provides sustenance to the soul. They are the fire, air, and water of communication.

“Naomi will cherish you, and your work, as you begin to recognize the beauty and poignancy of your own stories.”

— Carolyn FrancisWriting from the Deeper Self workshop participant

💮 “You add a tremendous amount of value. There’s no way I could do this on my own.

"I am so impressed by how much you can write, it humbles me. Writing with your guidance is like working out: if you keep doing it, it gets easier.”

— George Troy, Author, The Five Laws of Retail