What It Is

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Writing from the Deeper Self means bringing your true nature to your writing—and also discovering it through your writing. Writing can show you to yourself in longed-for ways, and give your readers a reflection of who they are. 

It’s not just about putting words and ideas onto the blank page; it’s also about being receptive to how the deeper Self speaks in you and to you. Rhythm, resonance, imagery, luminous glimpses of things usually hard to put into words may converge to inspire you with nonverbal ways to say things in words. 

When you give yourself completely to the process—not just with your mind but with all of you, even your heart, cells, and breath—everything cooperates; and you wonder in amazement, “Did I write that?” This unique and sacred approach to writing offers you doors into the land you long to re-inhabit. Then, what you share with others (if you wish to) calls them home, too. 

The tragedy is not to hear the call that’s, internally, so close at hand . . . not to make the room to listen. To go on, depleted, in the cubicle of your loneliness, and not allow the fresh breeze of your aliveness to touch you, bring you back to life. This is what Writing from the Deeper Self can do for you.

“The surrendered state of consciousness opens up the vertical dimension in your life, the dimension of depth. Something will then come forth from that dimension into this world, something of infinite value that otherwise would have remained unmanifested.”
—Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

How It Works

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Intimacy with Yourself: The End of the Scary-Blank-Page Syndrome
In this holistic, whole-person approach to writing, you do“get the job done.” You write your book, story, article, website … whatever calls you, whatever you need. You do get it out into the hands and minds of readers. You do help bring about the desired effect in your own life, your readers’ lives, the world.

But not in a “get-it-done” way. Rather, in a more contemplative, self-exploring, inspired, do-the-inner-work-and-reap-the-flowering way. Here, the process is not only as important as the product; the process is essential to the product.

Instead of words being your starting point, you could see them as the outcome of a process on some non-verbal level that feels true to you. 

First you touch into what feels true; then, the words come. Instead of necessarily being the driving force, the words are the best-case-equivalents of internal inspirations, knowings, and dynamics that—in their direct state—have no words. It is in the act of giving words to these experiences that you experience your own depth. And when you do, you bring yourself home (even if you’re surprised by the route that takes you here).

Even your body can be a doorway to deeper, more subtle ways of feeling, realizing, and perceiving that make you race for your pen. Diligence comes naturally, once you have received something that catches your deep interest, hooks you like a fish, showers you with unexpected inspiration—just enough for you to reach for it, and in that reaching, open up a deeper stratum of yourself. 

One simple example: Lying down. . . . 

Ways We Can Work Together

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The Logistics

1. I work with clients primarily one-on-one—in person at my studio in Oakland, California, or via phone or Skype + email from anywhere in the world.

2. Fees start at $90 - $120/hour USD, depending on what you present and need. Flat fees for specific projects can be available once we have spoken and agreed on the parameters.
Monthly packages for ongoing work begin at $250/month.

3. If a book is what you’re wanting to write, you may wish to look at the free excerpt from my book, Starting Your Book: A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What’s Inside You. It’s yours as a thank-you for opting into my newsletter. (Also, see the “Book Development” page on this site under “Services.”) 

4. You can schedule a complimentary ½-hour phone consultation. If you choose to continue into regular sessions, we will work out a rhythm and other logistics that suit us both. 


“I'm happy to acknowledge Naomi Rose's important influence on my writing life as I have others in the past: Julia Cameron, Natalie Goldberg, and Eric Maisel, to name a few. I've since come to regard (and treasure) her as a writing mentor.

“I immediately sensed the difference in her coaching style and was attracted to the expressive warmth and rich authenticity oozing from her work in what she calls "Writing from the Deeper Self."

“Naomi Rose's writings and personal coaching sessions have imbued me with so much that I'm grateful for, transforming and alchemizing things within that have manifested as deep writing.”

Chris Dunmire, Creative Director & Publisher, Creativity Portal (included in “Writers Digest 101 best sites”)

“I just wanted to thank you for your help in the early part of my book development. You really helped me to listen more deeply for my soul’s calling in what I was writing, to share more of my experiences and heart.

"I thought you would enjoy knowing that the book finally got birthed into the world.  I am getting really, really good feedback on it so far. Thanks for your wonderful work with authors like me.” 

— Deborah Welch, PhD. Author, Forgiveness at Work: Stories of the Power, Possibility, and Practice of Forgiveness in the Workplace  

“Working with Naomi was like having someone who is for you, who keeps seeing you and accepting you. She helped me find the true Story beneath the story I’d been telling myself.

"But first, I had to find my heart. Naomi’s role in this was divine. Her gift was to help me further wed my life to my art, and in the process, to heal both. This is what I mean when I say I couldn’t have written the book without Naomi. She is truly my fairy godmother of writing.”

— Katayoon Zandvakili, Author, My Beautiful Impostor

“You add a tremendous amount of value. There’s no way I could do this on my own.

"I am so impressed by how much you can write, it humbles me. Writing with your guidance is like working out: if you keep doing it, it gets easier.”

— George Troy, Author, The Five Laws of Retail