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Naomi Rose: Encouraging Your Flowering

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Given the right atmosphere and support, writing can bring you closer to yourself in a glorious way, as naturally as breathing.

My mission is to help people — through writing — hear themselves, attune to their real nature, and bring forth deep treasures from within. The products in this collection are designed to enhance your experience of writing by helping you connect with your deepest and truest being. Out of that connection, the writing flows naturally, fruitfully, and enjoyably.


Both my parents were writers; and when I was a youth watching them write, I noticed how much of a struggle it seemed to be. It wasn’t only the stereotypic stuff of movies—the pages ripped in frustration from the typewriter platen, then wadded up and hurled into the piled-up waste basket; the cigarettes gathering cylinders of ash in their trays while plumes of smoke rose up like desperate prayers. It was also their contracted breathing, the staring into space, as if hoping to catch brilliant words just out of their reach, like elusive butterflies.

Sometimes, what my parents wrote was quite beautiful—worth the pain, they may have believed. But I didn’t see how it could be worth it to go against oneself like that. How did I know they were “going against themselves”? Because the atmosphere, both during the writing sessions and well afterwards, was cold and tight. This probably reflected their being captured by the “inner critic.” It did not radiate a feeling of gladness, discovery, open-heartedness, or joy.

Years later, when I realized that I, too, needed to write and to help others write deeply, I knew I wanted to go about it differently. As I underwent my own healing journey, I began to understand that it was what happened inside me that determined my experience of writing, as well the writing that came out of that process.

And so I sought to bring an atmosphere of well-being into the writing process—before writing, during the writing, and after the writing. I sensed that providing writers with support to enter a conducive inner atmosphere—so that they could do the one essential thing* that would allow them to enter into themselves willingly, gratefully, and fruitfully—was the “magic key.”

This was the origin of Writing from the Deeper Self. Now it’s what’s behind the Rose Press "Enhancements for Writers" Collection.

“How Can Using These Tangible Products Help Me with My Writing? Isn’t Writing an ‘Inside Job’?”

Yes/and. Writing is an inside job . . . and, certain products can help you be with yourself in such a way that you can connect with and access your natural being, your innate abilities, unencumbered by constraints imposed by the defended self.

Is it the properties of the products themselves that helps? Yes . . . and it’s also what you bring to it. Becoming aware of doing something kind and nurturing for yourself in relation to writing can help you shift your associations with writing away from something to be dreaded, and towards something you love and want to move towards.

 So you can start anywhere:

  • Bring one or more of the products you’ll find on the “Enhancements for Writers” pages into your writing ritual and/or experience, and watch your comfort, confidence, and enthusiasm grow.

  • Or intentionally bring the consciousness of enhanced writing to your writing experience, and use the products to support that consciousness.

The point is to move into a place of love, enthusiasm, and gratitude with your writing. The key is in you, and these uniquely designed and/or curated products can put the key in your hand. 

Let these enhancements bring you into an inner state that’s receptive to inspiration and connection to your essential being.

When you write from the comfort of your own Self, your deep-heart’s treasures find their way onto the page. And the first to receive the fruits of this experience is you.

 * What is “the one essential thing”? The ability to shift consciousness so that what is seeking you to be written can find you and land in you.

THE ROSE PRESS ENHANCEMENTS FOR WRITERS COLLECTION: A treasury of products, some not (at first blush) associated with writing

I’ve always been fascinated by the allure of putting things together that, initially, might not be an obvious join but — once connected — turn out to be a wonderful linking, opening doors into both worlds and giving birth to a new one. That’s been the impulse behind the products that follow. Writing is too often viewed as a purely mental activity. I wanted to bring in something tangible to ground it, to make it more hands-on. Something you can (literally) take into yourself, or bring physically close enough to bring in the “more” of you that often gets left out of the experience of writing.

Maybe you thought you’d find journals, pens, and paper here. Well, at some future time you may. But my vision is to bring you products that are healing. That align you with your true nature. That create a conducive atmosphere for opening into a receptive state where what you need can come to you. 

The products that follow have an excellent likelihood of accomplishing this. Some, you already may be familiar with; some may be new to you. All of them can help you move into the desired inner place, and write naturally and enjoyably from there.

Here’s what’s currently in the collection:

  • Flower Essence Remedies for Writers — the distillation of specific flowers to help you through the “10 internal phases of writing a book”

  • Fragrances — incense and essential oils — to create an atmosphere promoting settling deep into yourself and letting deep writing out

  • Teas — herbal and green — a mindful, nourishing ritual for sacralizing your writing sessions and moving through the “10 internal phases of writing a book”

  • Chocolate — to sweetly stimulate your writing at the start of a session, or reward yourself at the end for having written

  • Tuning Forks — to literally “tune” yourself to a vibrational frequency that supports your ease and integration of mind, body, heart, and spirit so that your writing is in tune with the universe as well as your unique being

  • Cleaning agents (ecological, of course) — to give your unconscious a chance to help you with your writing. As you cleanse, scrub, and polish your home’s outer surfaces, you can be doing the same thing for yourself on an inner level. (And you always thought the sudden urge to jump up from your writing desk and clean the house was a procrastination ploy. . . .)

  • Recommended Reading — Books to help you learn about writing, about how to be kind to yourself when you write, about listening (as with singing, much of deep writing involves listening), relevant books by authors I have worked with, and more. (These are different from the books I have published; for that, see the Rose Press page.)

  • More products will follow — as the inspiration comes and I do R&D to ensure that the best-quality products are available to encourage your flowering through writing.

Writing from the Deeper Self is not about “producing.” It’s about creating an inner atmosphere in which what wants to come forth, can. Making this shift in consciousness may the most valuable thing you can do for your writing. Because when the inner environment is in place, you basically have everything you need to ease into yourself and bring forth the infinite treasures that await within.

From scents to teas, from helpful books to hands-on inviting of unconscious wisdom (i.e., eco-cleaning agents), these Enhancements for Writers are here to help you bring forth the writing of your heart.

The Rose Press Enhancements for Writers Collection is here to help you not just take the writing journey, but also love it.

So give yourself the gift(s) of these wonderful tangible products. Create a conducive inner environment to write deep and true. Banish your judging mind, and ease into your heart. Make the needed shift in consciousness. You don’t have to throw up your hands in frustration or put your writing dreams on hold.

Just click on the subpages on the “Writing Enhancements” menu at the top to see which of these Enhancements for Writers are calling you to experience them.

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