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Naomi Rose: Encouraging Your Flowering

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The Context

Given the right atmosphere and support, the process of writing can bring you closer to yourself in a glorious way — as naturally as breathing. It doesn’t have to be a self-alienating struggle.

“Our breath creates a ‘room,’ and anyone who walks into the room experiences an atmosphere that makes us feel at ease. This creates a rhythm, which creates a harmony. The rhythm of the breath can touch people.” — David Shihabuddin Less, Sufi meditation teacher, peacemaker

It’s not that there’s no struggle, ever, in writing a book. It wouldn’t be fair to say that. We may struggle against our perceived limitations, as something deeper in us calls us to go beyond them. We may struggle to be true to the vision that is given us, and feel discouraged when it seems like the gap between the actual revelation and how it comes through us is wider than our hearts can accommodate.

These spurs to growth and enlargement of self have touched many writers and other artists. And enough of them have written about this call to our larger being, and the ego-fears and perceived limitations that arise in response, to let us know that yes, this is a common part of the creative process, and we are not alone.

BUT . . . some struggles around the creative process are not inevitable at all. Not even necessary. Some come from cultural stereotypes that we have imbibed without realizing it, and — with awareness and a little help (which I hope to provide here) — can let go of. Some come from people who didn’t know how to take care of themselves, and who related to the creative process in a self-destructive way.

None of that needs to become your story. For those who see healing as a cultivatable focus in life, creativity can be part of the healing. And the healing process, in turn, can be creative.

And so there’s no reason why this can’t be true for you.

The Vision

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Your experience of creativity can be an inspired and healing one. To encourage this, I have designed and curated some very special products to bring about an atmosphere conducive to your deep and joyful writing. Just imagine what it could be like to look forward to your writing times, knowing in your heart, mind, and even cells that they will be a time of deep self-nourishment and fruitfulness.

As your writing sessions join forces with your self-caring, creativity, and healing capacities, a good experience of writing will result. When you write from a place of deep presence to yourself, your inner treasures inevitably and organically find their way onto the page.

The Magic of Shifting Consciousness

What is the secret of writing from the deeper Self? The ability to shift consciousness to the place within where your deep guidance, your infallible compass, resides. Then, your experience of writing shifts into gratitude mode; it becomes as simple, as inspired, as natural as breathing.

Writing from the Deeper Self is not about “producing.” It’s about creating an inner atmosphere in which what wants to come forth, can. Making this shift in consciousness may the most valuable thing you can do for your writing. Because when the inner environment is in place, you basically have everything you need to ease into yourself and bring forth the infinite treasures that await within.

When you can write from the place within that’s not beset by anxiety —by thoughts such as “Can I do this?” and “What if I have nothing worth saying?” and “Maybe I should just quit before I begin” — then you effortlessly move out of the perhaps familiar but really not helpful constricted, survival-based preoccupations (the complaints, the worries and fears, the emphasis on the past and the future). Once you are there, you will know what to do. No step is viewed as a failure. You’re on your right path, and you make your way forward. (Even if you later need to step back, review, and revise.)

The Products in the Collection

A collection of cherished and surprising things to bring you into an experience of connection, consciousness, inspiration . . . and your deeper Self

From exclusive Flower Essence Remedies for writers to special flowering teas . . . from helpful books to even (healthy) chocolate . . . these Enhancements for Writers are here to truly help you bring forth the writing of your heart.

We all need support. Especially when venturing into the unknown, as happens when writing a book (or a shorter work). These products were designed, commissioned, and curated to support you to easily shift consciousness into that trustworthy inner place from which true creativity comes.

The collection includes:

flower essence remedies for writers ~ the rose press enhancements for writers collection

flower essence remedies for writers ~ the rose press enhancements for writers collection

Flower Essence Remedies for Writers

Get support from the natural world to write your book and bring it into the world. Our Flower Essence Remedies for Writers have been formulated exclusively created this collection, to help people just like you who may want support to overcome internal blockages to writing (remedy #1, “Cultivating the Deeper Self”), difficulties with expressing writing (remedy #2, “Writing from the Deeper Self”), and even fears of being visible when bringing your completed book into the marketplace (remedy #3, “Bring Your Deep Writing into the World”). The Rose Press Collection has partnered with the Australian company Sacred Space Essentials, to come up with and produce these remedies, unavailable anywhere else. A wonderful, transformative support for your writing journey — and for your mind, heart, spirit, and soul. Click here for details.

Teas from the rose press enhancements for writers collection

Teas from the rose press enhancements for writers collection

Flowering Teas

“Indulge” yourself in a special tea as part of your writing ritual. The time-lapse wonderment of Flowering Teas is a metaphorical corollary to your writing process, as well as a fragrant, delicious, and visually spectacular delight in its own right. How so? Because the tea balls are literally made of flowers that unfurl in slow motion into blooms right before your eyes. (The Flowering Teas page includes two videos I made of this amazing unfolding taking place.) Whether you pour yourself a steaming cup at the start of your writing session . . . or during . . . or after, as an acknowledgment of your written accomplishment — drinking the tea can support your well-being, give you a quiet moment, and signal to your unconscious that your writing experience will be a deep comfort. Click here for details.

chocolate from the rose press enhancements for writers collection

chocolate from the rose press enhancements for writers collection

Chocolate That’s Good for You

Yes, chocolate! Delicious and healthy, this artisan chocolate company was founded by a wellness counselor, so you are actually doing something good for yourself by including chocolate as part of creating your writing atmosphere. Use it to sweetly stimulate your writing at the start of a session, or to reward yourself at the end for having written. (Be mindful when you eat it, though; it’s too delicious to miss being present for.) Click here for details.

“The new novel,” by winslow homer (1877)

“The new novel,” by winslow homer (1877)

Books to Enhance Your Writing

Experience the good medicine of reading with books that I’ve chosen and gathered together to help you find your true center and write deeply and authentically.

  • Series 1 — books about writing: Dorothea Brande’s classic, Becoming a Writer; Natalie Goldberg’s classic, Writing Down the Bones; my own Starting Your Book: A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What’s Inside You; Robert Olen Butler’s sensory-based writing guidance (good for nonfiction as well), From Where You Dream: The Process of Writing Fiction; and Elizabeth Berg’s Escaping into the Open: The Art of Writing True.

  • Series 2 — books about positive ways of being with yourself (which deeply affects the writing that comes from you): Meditation teacher and therapist Mark Coleman’s Make Peace with Your Mind: How Mindfulness and Compassion Can Free You from Your Inner Critic; Sufi meditation teacher Puran Bair’s Living from the Heart: Heart Rhythm Meditation for Energy, Clarity, Peace, Joy, and Inner Power; and therapists Elisabeth Young-Bruehl and Faith Bethelard’s Cherishment: A Psychology of the Heart.

  • Series 3 — books that bring forth the artist in you: W. A. Matthieu’s The Listening Book: Discovering Your Own Music; and composer Aaron Copland’s What to Listen for in Music. (More books to come.)

  • Series 4 — books by my clients that can (indirectly) support your writing: Psychosynthesis therapist Clare Goodwin’s Gifts of the Mandala: A Guided Journey of Self-Discovery; and therapist Doreen Hamilton’s Essential Speaking: The 7-Step Guide for Finding Your Real Voice. (Whether your voice comes forth in speaking or on the page as writing, finding your real voice is essential.)

    Each of these books is recommended for its depth and helpful qualities, to affirm or draw forth the equivalent positive qualities in you. Because all of you comes into the experience of deep writing. Click here for details.

10 essential qualities that help you write a book, from the rose press enhancements for writers collection

10 essential qualities that help you write a book, from the rose press enhancements for writers collection

Essential Qualities You Can Invoke to Open Up Your Writing

My spiritual path assumes that we all have all the essential qualities within us — at least, in seed form — and that we can invite them to open and enhance our lives at any time. Taking this to heart, I put together a book of 10 such qualities that writers can do well with, called 10 Essential Qualities That Help You Write a Book: A Guide to Assessing Where You Are Within Yourself about Your Book & How You Can Move Towards Being What You Need. (I do like long subtitles.) Tapping into these qualities helps you move beyond perceived limitations without being stopped from within, so that your book can proceed from start to finish. Then you can work with yourself instead of against yourself. In this way, writing a book becomes an opportunity to realize more of your true nature. (This book inspired the creation of the Flower Essence Remedies for Writers featured above.) Click here for details.

So don’t stint!

You deserve every opportunity to be deeply present to what’s true in you as you write . . . every opportunity to enjoy the process, to love it into being. Give yourself (as well as others whom you want to encourage) the gift of these wonderful tangible products. Relax into an atmosphere conducive to inspiration and written expression. Banish your judging mind and ease into your heart. Make the needed shift in consciousness. You don’t have to put your writing dreams on hold. You can do this. Let these Enhancements for Writers help.

The Rose Press Enhancements for Writers Collection is here to help you not just take the writing journey, but also to love it.

Stay Tuned . . .

More products will follow — as the need arises and the inspiration and opportunities come.

Creating, cultivating, and commissioning these kinds of enhancing products is a passion with me. I love to put together tangible, hands-on products that complement and ground the otherwise initially etheric process of writing. And to curate others’ inspiring products for you that can encourage your flowering through writing a book.

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