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With the right atmosphere and supports, it can bring you closer to yourself. 

The Rose Press "Enhancements for Writers" Collection bestows inspiring products to help you delve within for written treasures. Once you allow yourself the nourishment and support of these uniquely designed and curated products, writing can become a looked-forward-to joy. The Rose Press Enhancements for Writers Collection is here to help you to not just take the writing journey, but also to love it.


Words sought from ideas alone can feel remote, abstract, something to pull out of thin air. But when we are able to be deeply and intimately present with ourselves as we write, the words may open up to us and court us, give themselves to us as companions and friends born from our in-the-moment felt and realized experience.

Because when all of you is involved, the process of writing becomes a gift you give yourself.

Be kind to yourself. Let more of yourself come into play with your writing. Let these enhancements bring you into an inner state that’s receptive to inspiration and connection to your essential being.

When you write from the comfort of your own Self, treasures find their way from your heart onto the page. And who is the first to receive the fruits of this experience? Why, it’s you.

Creating the Right Inner Environment for True, Deep Writing

Writing from the Deeper Self is not about “producing.” It’s about creating an inner atmosphere in which what wants to come forth, can, and where you can ease into yourself to discover and harvest the infinite treasures within.

In such an environment, you can relax your judging mind and ease into your heart, and let it lead your pen, or fingers on the keyboard.

These Enhancements for Writers are intended to help create the right inner environment so that you can make the needed shift in consciousness. Sometimes, being able to make that shift is the most valuable thing you can do for your writing. Because when the inner environment is in place, you basically have everything you need.

From scents to teas, from helpful books to hands-on materials to help you write books, these Enhancements for Writers are here to help you bring forth the book that’s waiting in your heart — and receive nourishment from the process. (As well as transmitting this nourishment to your readers through the pages.)

May your inner atmosphere be inspiring, trustworthy, generous, and confident, and full of depth, enthusiasm, and trust in grace. To learn about the wonderful supports available for you here, just click on the individual sub-pages on the “Writing Enhancements” menu at the top of this site. 

The Rose Press Enhancements for Writers Collection is here to help you to not just take the writing journey, but also to love it.

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