Teas for the Writing Process


A good cup of tea can signify to your body, mind, and soul that you are letting yourself have something special: a break from busyness, an entree into another way of seeing and being. It can also be good medicine: many teas, especially herbal teas, bring forth certain energetic “notes” or “chords” that attune us to a more aligned experience of ourselves.

Including healing teas in your writing ritual can be a wonderful, simple way to create a conducive atmosphere for writing. Depending on where you are in your project’s writing process, as well as your taste, you can choose and brew those teas that will enable your attention to support your intention.

When to Enhance Your Writing Experience with Tea

Just knowing that you will be sitting down with your chosen tea before writing, while taking a reflective break, after completing that session’s writing, or all of the foregoing can signal your deeper Self that you are taking your desire to write deeply to heart. And then, of course, there is the delicious taste of the tea, its medicinal gifts, and its support in bringing you present.

Being present, of course, is the whole point: being with your writing as if it is the only thing happening now, so that the gifts of the present moment can unveil themselves to you. If a mindful cup of delicious, good-for-you tea can help, why not give yourself that support.

Two glorious forms of tea are (1) Flowering Teas and (2) Herbal Teas. Here is the “scoop” on both kinds.

Flowering Teas to Encourage Your Flowering

Teabloom is a green tea (literally) woven with flowers. While it’s healthy for you, its real appeal is that, when steeped in hot water — preferably in a transparent teapot — its flowers open up spectacularly right under your eyes. Talk about “encouraging your flowering”!

As the company puts it, the blooms “are hand-made, each individually crafted and sewn by tea artisans into tiny balls or heart-shaped blooms with the finest green tea leaves. Full leaves — not chopped are used. They are wrapped tightly around edible flavorful flowers, which when steeped will emerge and bloom before your very eyes into a virtual flower garden in your teapot. And each bloom can be steeped and re-steeped up to 3 times.”

I couldn’t wait to try it, with an eye (palate) towards recommending to you as a writing enhancement. This first video to your right shows my very first time with Teabloom flowering tea. I love how the blooms look as the flowers unfold when steeped in hot water. And the perfume that rises from within the transparent teapot (also from Teabloom) smells divine.

And in this second video, the tea is ready to drink.

To give this fragrant, flowering tea to yourself, to ritualize and grace your writing sessions, click the button below. Teabloom has a wide variety of flowering teas, as well as teapots and other fun paraphernalia. (And you can use the teapots for brewing loose teas as well — see “Herbal Teas,” below.)

Just be sure to boil the water in a kettle that can be placed directly on the stove. The glass teapots will easily withstand the temperature of hot water poured into them, but not the direct heat of being on the stove.

Continuing with the transparency motif, I’m letting you know that I am an affiliate of Teabloom. (The herbal teas, below, I source and package, myself.)

🌿 Herbal Teas to Support Your Experience of Writing (“Quali-Teas”) 🌿 

Based on the essential qualities for book-writing in the book, “10 Essential Qualities of Writing a Book”

Herbal teas on plate #5.JPG

To support your deep writing, I have curated and sourced excellent organic herbal teas that can help you relax, invigorate, and otherwise bring forth the same essential qualities that appear in my 10 Essential Qualities of Writing a Book“Quali -Teas,” in other words.

🌿 How to Brew Herbal Tea

The general guideline involves steeping 1 tablespoon of loose herb tea in 1 cup of water. If you are making a teapot-full, then the rule of thumb is 1 tablespoon of tea per cup of water, plus an extra tablespoon “for the pot.” Of course, you can add more or less depending on whether you like your tea stronger or weaker.

Brew for at least 5 minutes.

Ritualizing the tea to support your writing experience: Then pour into a cup, mindfully. Listen for the sound of the water as it falls into the cup. Smell the scent of the herbs unfurling into the atmosphere. Feel the heft of the cup as you lift it towards your mouth. Taste the tea inside your mouth, noting its texture and its qualities. The usual concerns belong, now, to another world and time. This time, this place, is your sanctuary. There is nothing to do but be present to what’s in you. From this, the writing emerges.

🌿 Herbal Tea Is Good for You!

Herbal teas bestow a triple blessing:

  1. They taste really good;

  2. The herbs have healing properties; and

  3. They lend themselves to a slowing-down ritual. Unlike grabbing a cup of coffee on the go, brewing a pot of tea, yourself, with loose herbs draws you into an inspiring-yet-visceral process. Your body becomes involved in this way of setting the stage for your writing time (whether you drink the tea before writing, during a reflective break, or after that session’s completion). Bringing out the teapot and spooning in your herbs of choice . . . boiling water in the kettle, then pouring the hot water over the herbs . . . covering the teapot with its lid, and leaving it to steep from 3- 10 minutes — by the time the tea is ready, you have already stepped out of the usual rhythms of going-and-doing, and into the more reflective rhythm so conducive to deep writing.


The following herbal tea blends work well with the book that inspired them, 10 Essential Qualities That Help You Write a Book.

🌿 1: The Writer’s Muse: Inspiration from Within

Herbal teas for writers

Herbal teas for writers

This tea is designed to connect you with your creative nature, and move you joyfully into your inner Muse. If you seek inspiration from a higher Source, but aren’t feeling as creative as you would like — if you fear the unknown of the blank page — if you’re feeling dull and earthbound — this tea promotes the joy of artistic creativity and puts you in touch with higher realms, helping to reveal the inner direction of your creative process and your current project.

🌿 2. Confident Expressions: Finding Your Authentic Voice

Writing a book — being a courageous, often vulnerable act — can bring up old feelings of insignificance. This tea is designed to help you write with confidence in your own voice, perceptions, and unique qualities — to be the “author-ity” on what you have to say and how you want to say it. This confidence grows strong when you are present to what is in you without censoring, diminishing, or hiding it; it wobbles when you uproot your desire and wonder if anyone wants to hear what you have to say. “Confident Expressions” helps give you the courage to honor what you know and feel, and respond authentically to what arises through your writing. This tea can help you cultivate a joyful, eloquent expression to experience yourself as a vibrant part of, and contributor to, the human family through your writing.

🌿 3: Flow: Trusting the Writing to Unfold

All writers want their writing to “just flow” — and some days, that’s just what happens. Other days, however, uphill struggle seems to be the theme; and we sometimes give up at this point. While there are times when struggle happens as part of the creative process, other struggles are just part of our own self-doubts and disconnection. These struggles, this “Flow’ tea blend can assist with. “Flow” offers a way to enjoy the writing journey, and trust what arises without needing to know it all ahead of time. It transforms work into creative play, encourages you to be open and responsive in the moment, and follow the flow.

🌿 4: Seeing the Big Picture: Getting Clarity and Perspective

herbal teas for writers

herbal teas for writers

When you get caught up in the details of writing and can’t see the “forest” for the “trees,” the tea blend “Seeing the Big Picture” can show you those connections that form the whole and give a sense of where to go next with your writing. If you tend to see fragments rather than a connected whole, and have trouble discerning which details reveal the whole pattern, “Seeing the Big Picture” provides a more holistic perspective, helping you expand your focus from the blades of grass to the stars, integrate ideas and their expression, and experience a lively, alert mental state.

🌿 5: Coming In Closer: A Feeling for Detail

Some writers really shine in the more abstract realm, dealing with concepts and ideas, but have difficulty illustrating the more concrete particulars so that their readers can relate to those ideas in a more embodied way. The Quali-Tea blend “Coming in Closer” invites your imagination and senses into the writing, helping you become aware of the particulars through a heightened awareness of touch, taste, etc. When you can perceive in a vital, "alive" way — especially with material that previously felt too abstract and “dry” to describe in a manner that readers can register — what you write becomes real for both you and your readers.

🌿 6: Going Deeper into the Writing by Going Deeper into the Writer

There are many books that live on a superficial level, and that’s fine too. It’s not all that hard to write superficially, and amass enough pages to constitute a book. But there’s just not as much satisfaction in skimming the surface of yourself. You may want — at some point, need — to go deeper into your writing, in order to bring forth the beauty and truth and gift that is yours to bring forth. The reality is that you being yourself, and writing from that (whether it’s a nonfiction book, a memoir directly taken from your life, or characters who — on the surface—are nothing at all like you) is what deepens your writing, and reveals you to yourself. Writers who go deep into themselves give their readers the gift of the very same thing. This Quali-Tea supports your going deeper and emerging with treasures to have and to share.

🌿 7: Compassion: Rewriting the Past

Sometimes what we write brings up old, unforgiven places in our past. Writing a book offers a wonderful opportunity to go back into the same events, feeling tones, or patterns in service of the story, but now with the compassion you are capable of in present time. The Quali-Tea blend “Compassion: Rewriting the Past” allows you to live deeply and fully by mining your past for its hidden gems and bringing them into the present, thus benefiting your actual life as much as it does your writing. If you want to stop repeating the same internal stories and having the same circumscribed reactions instead of letting a new and better story line open up, “Self-Compassion: Rewriting the Past” can help you receive nourishment and insight from exploring past experiences — give yourself forgiveness and clarity, and get perspective on the events so you can move into a new chapter of your life.

🌿 8: Going the Distance: Gladly Staying with Your Writing Project Until It’s Complete

herbal teas for writers

herbal teas for writers

Starting an extended writing project sometimes may be easier than staying with it. Over time, you may lose focus — perspective — energy — hope — connection to why you wanted to write a book in the first place, and procrastinate getting to it. The Quali-Tea “Going the Distance” helps you reconnect with your original passion for your book, and be re-energized not only to “get it done” but also to be present to every precious step along the way. This tea blend promotes your endurance so you can stay with your writing project despite obstacles and emerge victorious and fulfilled. Then, when you finally finish the book, you really feel like you’ve come somewhere.

🌿 9: Revision: The Gift of Refinement

The idea of revising your writing may fill you with eagerness — or with dread. Dread comes from fearing that you won’t like what you have written, and will be so overwhelmed by the task that you’ll have to start again or scrap the whole thing. Eagerness comes when you realize that revising your book gives you a precious chance to see more deeply into what you have done, and what you can yet do to find the deeper layers of meaning and beauty implicit in your writing, awaiting only your patient craftsmanship and care. The Quali-Tea blend “Revision: The Gift of Refinement” helps you navigate the terrain of your earlier drafts and bring forth a lasting jewel by supporting you with the patience to tolerate those awkward early drafts, trusting that later revisions will yield more clarity, insight, beauty, and satisfaction. It opens in you the enthusiasm, discipline, and concentration to rework, re-see, and repair what does not yet hold together beautifully . . . until it (seemingly magically) does!

🌿 10: Shining Star: Letting Your Light Come All the Way into the World (Promoting your book)

It’s been said, nowadays, that writing a book constitutes just 5 percent compared to the 95 percent of what’s required to get the book out to your readers. Marketing, promotion, speaking, doing readings, workshops, teaching, and so on — these more external, extroverted activities can be daunting to some writers, whose natural milieu is more often that quiet, contemplative, internal place behind the scenes. Yet when you give yourself to your writing, the completed work is your “baby.” You don’t want to abandon it; you want to bring it into the world well. The Quali-Tea “Shining Star: Letting Your Light Come All the Way into the World” encourages you to accept being seen as the creator, view the book as a gift to the world, and make this contribution by standing firmly, gladly, and enthusiastically behind your creation, anticipating a welcome reception.

🌿 Affirmations help too 🌿 

“As I sip this tea . . . .”

While pouring the tea, as you breathe in the steam, you can affirm the efficacy of the tea’s ingredients as your intention. If you are drinking “Quali-Tea” #3, you could say, “As I sip this tea, flow comes to me,” and then hold that intention as you start writing. If you’re drinking #4, you could say, “As I sip this tea, clarity comes to me,” and so on.

Treating yourself well in a sensory way — and calming your unconscious mind with this affirmation, as well as with the gift of the tea and its qualities — will likely play out well in your writing.


Each “Quali-Tea” blend is $18 for 4 oz. (1/4 lb). Makes 24-48 cups. You also can buy a package of Blends 1 - 5 and Blends 6 - 10 for the special price of $75 instead of $90 if purchased individually.

Each tea is packaged in ecological, compostable bags.

📔 “10 Essential Qualities That Help You Write a Book” 📔

Add an awareness of how these essential qualities can open in you, and you have everything you need. (In essence, you already do — but some supports can help you to really know that.) So another nourishing ingredient is my book, 10 Essential Qualities That Help You Write a Book, the book that inspired this collection of teas.

And as a bonus, you can count the time you spend reading and working with this book as part of your writing time, since it will help you make the shift from ordinary consciousness to a deeper awareness of what’s within you. You can find out more about the book below:

Or buy it right here:

Whichever tea bouquets you choose, may their fragrance and delicious, healthy taste bring forth your own fragrant writing!