You have come all the way to the end of the writing journey, and you have a publishable manuscript to show for it. Now it's time to bring the book of your heart into the world. Self-publishing is a great way to do it! Read on . . .

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Helping you bring the book of your heart into print


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Publishing your book yourself is a great way to get it into print (and/or e-book):

  • ๐Ÿ“”You can make it read just the way you want.

  • ๐Ÿ“” You can make it look just the way you want.

  • ๐Ÿ“” You get to keep all net profits from book sales (at least with the Print on Demand โ€” POD โ€” printers that I recommend). In contrast, traditional publisher royalties against advance are usually just 15% of sales.

  • ๐Ÿ“” Your book can be in print and available for purchase quickly (only weeks to a few months, compared to at least a year with traditional publishing).

Self-publishing has leveled and democratized the playing field so that anyone can self-publish, these days. But the path to self-publication is not self-evident. There are many steps involved, as well as specific know-how, to be aware of. If these steps are not followed, a miss is as good as a mile.

While you could go it alone โ€” that is, research each and every detail on your own, and locate reputable professionals to do all the needed phases and tasks (such as editing, proofreading, book design โ€” cover and interior โ€” typesetting, ISBN, bar code, and so on) โ€” your self-publishing journey will be much more smooth, professional, and enjoyable when you have the benefit of being guided by a professional who knows the ropes.


  • ๐Ÿ“” Total creative control. No one is going to deny you creative input and choose a cover, a book design, a typeface, etc. that you don't like. No one is going to stop you from including illustrations in the book (hint: black & white is cheaper than color, but even color isn't prohibitive).

  • ๐Ÿ“” Shorter time gap between completing your book and seeing it in print. Once your book is ready to start on the publishing trajectory, you can have it in print in a matter of months โ€” possibly weeks! โ€” versus years (traditional publishing's frequent timeline), if you make it your #1 priority.

  • ๐Ÿ“” You get to keep all the net profits. Traditional publishers usually pay their authors an advance upon signing, then royalties on book sales once those sales exceed the amount of the advance. Royalties tend to be around 15%. With self-publishing, the net profits are all yours.

  • ๐Ÿ“” Ease of ordering and storing copies. Ordering is as simple as going to your online account and placing an order to be sent wherever (to you; to your buyers; etc.) Storing is no longer a problem. You can order just as many or few books as you want at a time. Your garage will be available for your car, tools, etc.

  • ๐Ÿ“” Support from distributors and Print on Demand (POD) printers who take self-publishing seriously. Distribution is part of the POD service, enabling your book to reach online and offline retailers. And PODs offer discounts, tutorials, and other marketing methods and perks employed by business-to-business and business-to-customer. So you have the opportunity to learn as you go, and take advantage of relevant deals and promotions.

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My Hard-Won Expertise = A Smooth Ride for Your Self-Publishing Journey

I first learned about publishing when I was an editor working with traditional publishers โ€” Ten-Speed Press, Ortho Books, Stephen Green/Viking, and others. That is, I learned how to ensure a publishable book โ€” one that is professionally presented and worth the read. Although I was not the publisher at this point, I learned book professionalism from the best.

The self-publishing learning curve came in later, when I agreed to publish the seminal book by the renowned Chilean psychiatrist, Claudio Naranjo, called Healing Civilization. I had not set out to be a publisher, but circumstances converged that made this a good thing to do for this book.

Being old to books but new to publishing, I felt incredibly daunted by all the decisions to be made, most of which I didn't even know the content of. After consulting with as many people as I could trustworthily find to determine what I would have to address and how, I did extensive research into reputable Print-on-Demand printers. (POD allows you to order just as many books as you want at a time. Gone are the days of a garage or attic overstuffed with unsold books.) "Extensive" barely covers the extent of my research; "exhaustive" is more like it. Because of my publications-savvy background, I wanted to find a POD that a traditional publisher would be proud to use. And eventually, I did.

So now, when I mentor new authors to self-publish their books, all this professional experience, things learned on the learning curve, and the best of my findings are curated, custom selected, and brought to my clients so that their self-publishing journey is as smooth as can be.

No need to re-invent the wheel! Or to do more (or less) than you want to, to get your book into print.


self-publishing mentoring, ILLUSTRATION BY NAOMI ROSE

self-publishing mentoring, ILLUSTRATION BY NAOMI ROSE



Your Self-Publishing- Assistance Options

OPTION 1: You let me coordinate the entire process for you
In this scenario, I handle all the many book-production details required to turn your manuscript into a quality book. I have a selected group of wonderful vendors on tap who can ably fulfill all the needed elements to get your book between covers. And my own skills and experience come into play, here, as well.  

OPTION 2: I teach you how to do it
In this version (less expensive, more hands-on), I educate you about what's involved in self-publishing your book, introduce you to my favorite vendors, and am available for consulting as needed. Then you take it from there. Making this journey on your own means that it will be easier for you to do the next time around!

OPTION 3: A hybrid of  Options 1 and 2
Maybe there are some parts you would actively like to learn how to do โ€” and other parts you'd just as soon pass on. I can show you what's involved in getting your book into print, and you can choose just those aspects you want to try on, yourself, and leave the rest to me.

NOTE: With all three options, your book will be distributed through your POD account to many online retailers (including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and a great many more). It will also be available for purchase by offline retailers such as bookstores. (Having a distributor is essential for getting your book into retail establishments.)

Naomi was not simply a consultant: she was a coach, mentor, and avid supporter for my book. She was there for me every step of the way. I wish for every self-publishing author to find a consultant as competent and kind as Naomi is. She is stellar.

โ€”Cindy Spring, author, The Wave and The Drop: Wisdom Stories about Death and Afterlife

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Client Reviews

"If you've spent years crafting a book that you know is good but cannot find a publisher to take it, consider self-publishing with the help of consultant Naomi Rose.

โ€œDetermined to get my book out in the world [after my New York agent struck out in finding me a traditional publisher because of my lack of celebrity status], I created a publishing company. That was the easy part. I had no idea of the steps to a finished book that would be distributed.

"It was my good fortune to find Naomi Rose. She knows the process of going from manuscript to appearing as a book on Amazon. There are many steps along the way, some easy, some daunting. I would have been lost in the world of ISBN numbers, BISAC codes, and print-on-demand variations if I hadn't been able to ask Naomi for help. She scripted the A to Z process and asked me which ones I'd like to do and which ones would be best to complete. She was not simply a consultant: she was a coach, mentor, and avid supporter for my book. She was there for me every step of the way. I wish for every self-publishing author to find a consultant as competent and kind as Naomi is. She is stellar.โ€

โ€” Cindy Spring, author, The Wave and The Drop: Wisdom Stories about Death and Afterlife. (Wisdom Circles Publishing, 2018)

"I like the idea of having my book produced with such maternal care

โ€œand deep appreciation [as Naomi Rose did]."

โ€” Claudio Naranjo, MD, author, Healing Civilization: Bringing Personal Transformation into the Societal Realm (Foreword by Dr. Jean Houston). (Rose Press, 2009)

"I can tell you really know what you are doing.

โ€œI'm smart enough to hang out with experts."

โ€” Flo Oy Wong, author, Dreaming of Glistening Pomelos (2018)



"Thank you for all your attention to detail, your detailed thinking.

"I have confidence in you, your esthetic and design. Thank you for all your efforts, your enthusiasm, and your hard work throughout the publishing process."

โ€”Lee Embrey, PhD, author, A Training Ground for Love: Couples Relationship as a Path to Light. (le Arts, Inc., 2017)


Some Book Titles I Have Helped Bring into Publication  

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