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Books to Bring You Home to Yourself 

Whether or not you want to write a book, yourself, you can nourish yourself by reading a Rose Press book.



At the very heart of Rose Press is -— you. We publish books to nourish your inner being and grow your inner garden.

Whether you are a devoted reader or also a writer, we seek to offer you an experience of sanctuary that opens you to the beauty of your own true being.

And isn't that just what we want from a book? We want to see who we are. We want direct access to the materials (and im-materials) with which to grow our inner garden well. We want to live in a world where this is so; where our incredibly beautiful fragrance reveals itself to us and is released into a transforming and welcoming world. 

These books — these fragrant offerings — can make this vision real for you. Look around, smell the roses, and take these books into your heart and mind.

"If you asked for a few words of guidance and comfort, I would quickly kneel by your side and offer a whole book as a gift." — Hafiz


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STARTING YOUR BOOK: A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What's Inside You, by NAOMI ROSE

A key to writing the book of your heart where the essential ingredient is not a technique or formula, but what's inside you.

"Reading your book was like a comforting hug of encouragement. I love everything about it." — Jane Falla, former literary associate, writer

Naomi Rose reads from Starting Your Book in the video below. This excerpt is about "Listening Your Book into Being."

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THE PROCESS NOTEBOOK: For Use with Starting Your Book, by Naomi Rose

A hands-on creative companion to use with Starting Your Book, to help you discover, track, navigate, and treasure how your book-writing process emerges out of you to fulfill your creative promise.

Becoming aware of your process as you write improves your range, writing, and confidence. You can let go of external standards, and work fruitfully with what’s in you.

Starting Your Book opens the door. The Process Notebook helps you go through it!


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HEALING CIVILIZATION: Bringing Personal Transformation into the Societal Realm, by CLAUDIO NARANJO, MD. Foreword by Jean Houston, PhD

The doctor has taken the pulse of our modern way of life, and concluded that it is very sick. How did this come to be? Is there a cure? Yes, once we find balance within our own "intra-psychic family" (head, heart, and instincts).

"A grand theory of Civilization with a capital C!" — Johan Galtung, recipient of the Right Livelihood Award ("Alternative Nobel Prize")

Naomi Rose reads a short excerpt from Dr. Claudio Naranjo's book, Healing Civilization, below. The excerpt discusses how the "intra-psychic family" (our head, heart, and instinct centers) need to be in balance for the world to be healed from the inside out. (Apologies for the mirror-image of the lettering on the book's cover!)


THE STAR-SEER'S PROPHECY, by RAHIMA WARREN. A retired psychotherapist brings this fantasy of the healing journey to vivid, unforgettable life — and takes us to the edge of our own humanity and redemption. Book One: Dark Innocence. Book Two: Fierce Blessings. Book Three: Perilous Bliss.

"I can’t imagine how any reader can take this soulful, spiritual and creative literary journey and not come away deeply and personally transformed." — Chris Zydel, MA, author, Love Letters from the Creative Heart

In the video below, Naomi Rose reads an excerpt from Book One of The Star-Seer's Prophecy, “Dark Innocence” — a gripping fantasy novel of the healing journey that, itself, has healing power, and especially lends itself to therapeutic use as bibliotherapy.


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MOTHERWEALTH: The Feminine Path to Money, by NAOMI ROSE.

MotherWealth weaves a magical story of how the death of an old sense of self can bring an endless ocean of treasures from within — including money. This inside-out approach takes into account the inner life that holds the key to our fortunes, and offers a much-needed perspective on why the soulless model of money isn't working — and what will.

"Naomi Rose is a princess weaving straw into gold. There are very few books written today that come close to this kind of genius." — Judith Avalon, author, Entering into the Heart of the Mother

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THE PORTABLE BLESSINGS LEDGER: A way to Keep Track of Your Finances and Bring Meaning & Heart to Your Dealings with Money, by NAOMI ROSE

What if every time your hands, mind, and heart touched money, something wonderful happened? The Portable Blessings Ledger helps you bring your heart and finances together in an immediate, hands-on way — and reap the benefits and blessings that accrue.

"This financial roadmap guides you to a place where money is the vessel that illuminates your inner wisdom, brings peace to your home and family, and expresses your deepest values in the world. What a gift!”— Hal Brill, President, Natural Investment Services; co-author, Investing with Your Values


Ralph Dranow, A New Life front cover.jpg


The 76 vivid poems in this book offer us a unique and compassionate view of what it is to be human. A father spending hours looking for his young daughter's toy in "Professor of Patience" achieves a modest nobility, as does the family joyfully and sloppily playing frisbee in the park in "Happiness." The old life becomes a new life through the poet's discovery of the mystery and wonder that lie just beneath the surface of our everyday lives.

"I've been touched by Ralph and by Rumi. Ralph's poetry is tender and honest and bittersweet. He shares the raw truth of human experience with us, from childhood to seniority; and the word glimpses, like snapshots of everyday experiences, are like sweet-sour candy melting on the tongue." — Shonen Bressler

Ralph Dranow reads his poem, "Over-Readers Anonymous," from his book, A NEW LIFE: Poems


The Fragrance of Our Books

Rose Press seeks to offer you books as fragrant offerings that will live in your heart like an eternal time capsule, releasing their healing medicine as you need it. As a book publisher with an intimate knowledge of the creative process and its healing potential, we hold the vision that our books will connect readers to their true natures, in part through the authors' own writing journeys.

"Fragrance" is not usually associated with books. In our speeded-up age, we often are told that books are only about ideas, entertainment, steps for helping us be more new and improved. 

And yet there have been books that are mirrors to the soul ~ marvels of excavation, revealing the vast treasures hidden within every human heart. There have been books whose journeys swept readers up into their remarkable world, leaving them with the passage of those journeys in their bones and the fragrance of that atmosphere still shimmering invisibly near. There have been books so deeply entered into by their authors that they not only transmitted to their readers the scent of the impressions and understandings embodied in the book: they actually helped form the readers' very being.

This is the vision of Rose Press books: that in taking them into yourself, you discover what is most deep and essential within you ~ and it opens your heart like petals opening to the light.







A Publishing House for Your Inner Garden

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Books that go deep take time to write, so quality may win out over quantity, here. We hope you will content yourself with the current varieties in this “garden,” and look forward to new blooms to come. 

Here is the vision of Rose Press books: that in taking them into yourself, you discover what is most deep and essential within you — and it opens your heart like petals opening to the light.

That said, getting to the more subtle fragrance — the distillation of more earthbound, sometimes sludgy experience — is often what book writers dream of and work in the trenches to do.

And when the book is finally complete, neither it nor its author is the same as in the beginning. Something essentializing has happened. Something — out of all the years and memories and ideas and possibilities dreamed of and lived through — has been distilled.

And what is left on the page is the offering: the "fragrance," one might say. All the dregs have been churned up and left to sink to the bottom, leaving only the gift of the book.

This, then, is what the reader gets to experience: a hint of the churning process, but ultimately, the fragrance.

When 10,000 rose petals are gathered in the dark of early morning, placed into retorts filled with solvent, and heated over time until their oil rises as a liquid distillation, then you have just 16 ounces of that most prized (and expensive) of aromatics, rose essence (rose absolute).

In the same way, Rose Press books are the distillation of their authors' essence, refined over time and many revisions to bring you into contact with the gift of something fragrant and indescribably beautiful within yourself.

Enjoy the fragrance.


NOTE: We actually do have fragrances and other enhancements for writers and other creators, to open up conducive atmospheres for creating in a healing way. (Good for readers, too!) See the ENHANCEMENTS FOR WRITERS page for details.


Rose Press developed organically out of my work as a Book Developer, working with writers in an attentive, intimate way to help them bring forth the books knocking on the inside of their hearts.

Through the process I created, Writing from the Deeper Self, the authors felt able to drawn from their true nature and bring forth a wide variety of genres and styles that, yet, had in common a yearning to come Home, as well as some very distinctly described ways in which to do that.

When a person writes a book in this way, many revisions are apt to be part of the process This is part of the "distillation" that is also true of rose perfume. The very act of writing with the intent to reveal one's true nature opens up, clarifies, and transforms the writer's perspective on what she or he is writing about.

So a mutually transforming relationship occurs between creator and creation, each enhancing and informing the other — much as, in doing a painting, over time each choice of shape, line, color, and so on will potentially revise everything else on the canvas in relation to that choice, and something deeper and more astonishing than the original intent will be revealed.

From nonfiction to fiction to poetry, the living hearts of the authors will pulse in your own. May these books help you to come home to yourself in a sweet, or powerful, or longed-for way.

 fragrances live in the pages of rose press books

fragrances live in the pages of rose press books

REMINDER: We actually do have fragrances and other enhancements for writers and other creators, to open up conducive atmospheres for creating in a healing way. (Good for readers, too!) See the ENHANCEMENTS FOR WRITERS page for details.





“Reading your book was like receiving a comforting hug of encouragement. I love everything about it: the way you've organized it; the crisp, succinct words of advice that don't hit you over the head; and the gentle, thought-provoking exercises.

"The connection of writing and the heart — of the practice of writing as a way to get in touch with our divinity — how true! Once you have this treasure in your being, you realize how clear it all is — why we write, why it matters."

— Jane Falla, writer & former literary agency associate


"In this deeply warm-hearted and beautifully written book, Naomi Rose takes us with her on a very personal and profound journey to discover a woman’s way into the realms of money.

"On her search for answers she finds herself recalling learning to knit at her grandmother's knee, suckling her baby, and playing the piano. Through her very personal and profound journey, she helps us move past our shame around money, and learn an instinctual way to open to allowing our wealth to come to us by giving up going out to get it.”

 Barbara Wilder, author, Money Is Love


“Claudio Naranjo is at the forefront of those seeking to transform the world.

“For anyone wanting to make a difference for the better, Healing Civilization is a must-read!"

Michael Toms, New Dimensions Radio

A NEW LIFE: POEMS / Ralph Dranow

“I've been slowly savoring and loving your book. What a great gift to the world!

 Charles Burack, author, Songs to My Beloved and Leaves of Light


"This financial roadmap guides you to a place where money is the vessel that illuminates your inner wisdom, brings peace to your home and family, and expresses your deepest values in the world. What a gift!”

— Hal Brill, President, Natural Investment Services; co-author, Investing with Your Values


“A deep and powerful story that ranks with the best fantasy-fiction, ever.

"A richly rewarding story for those with the courage to seek the fullness of being alive." 

Richard Scheiffer, Mankind Project Elder

 ROSE PRESS: BOOKS to bring you home to yourself

ROSE PRESS: BOOKS to bring you home to yourself

Deep reads for deepening readers. Rose Press books.

A publishing house for your inner garden. Drink deep.