Meet Your Muse on my website

Your Muse Awaits You 

If you are someone who longs to bring forth your “Hidden Treasure”—a genuine expression from your deeper Self—it helps to connect with your Muse.

Guess who your Muse is?

                        “When I Met My Muse,” by William Stafford

I glanced at her and took my glasses

off — they were still singing. They buzzed

like a locust on the coffee table and then

ceased. Her voice belled forth, and the

sunlight bent. I felt the ceiling arch, and

knew that nails up there took a new grip

on whatever they touched. "I am your own way

of looking at things," she said.

"When you allow me to live with you, every

glance at the world around you will be

a sort of salvation." And I took her hand.

 It’s you. A you whom you may not have met yet.

But you can. And you can get at least a whiff of your Muse by visiting my new website.


Meet Your Muse on My New Website

I’ve spent the past year revisioning my website so that you can meet your Muse.

Because helping people flower through their writing and other creative expressions is the essence of what I’m about.

 As you walk through this garden of a website, you’ll find much to help you write the book of your heart in a way that brings you closer to yourself. (It can also be a shorter work—a series of articles, blogs, essays, a website, etc. Or even a non-writing tangible expression of what’s in you.) So not only can you reach the hearts and minds of your readers with your writing, but you also will discover extraordinary things about yourself in the process.

 When you write from the deeper Self, you get to meet your Muse.

“Working with Naomi has been a total delight. Not only is she able to deeply listen to me and fully grasp my ideas and intentions but she is also wonderfully talented at helping me clarify and plan out the structure and scope of my book. Her understanding and support of me combines with her own great insight and makes her an outstanding and inspiring midwife for creative process.”—Kathy Carlson, MA, Ph.D., MFT; author, The Flame at the Tip of the Candle

A Site Where You Can Slow Down and Smell the Roses

My site is designed for meandering and reflecting.

I know: this is not, conventionally, how we interact with websites.

Believe me, when I was putting it together with as much dedication and refinement as if it were a work of art, the voice in my head (you probably know that voice) complained:

“This isn’t how websites are done. It’s supposed to be quick – clickable – jump in and out, decide, buy, go.

“You’re writing more of a—well, book, here.”

And it was true. I was. And it turned out that was what I wanted to do.

A book-like site for people with books growing in their hearts.  People who would stick around and even stop by often to “smell the roses.”  

So that’s what I hope you’ll want to do.

Here’s the link: 

Perhaps you’ll want to start with the Home page. It gives you a thumbnail sketch of all that’s on the site.

Or maybe you’d like to explore the Enhancements for Writers products. (Think specially designed flower essence remedies for writers! Think healthy chocolate for celebrating a successful writing session!)

Or the Services pages . . . Resources . . . Explore Deeper . . . and more.…

If you’re a healer, you might want to check out the Book Writing for Therapists and Healers page.

Maybe your writing is complete and ready for publication, and your interest is in Editing . . . Proofreading . . . Self-Publishing Mentoring . . . Illustration.

Or just go straight to the page that speaks to you first. (Hint: The Medicinal page under Resources has a side-splittingly funny audio about two brothers trying to write a book together—and not from the deeper Self.)

Enjoy exploring the creative paths available to you on my site, and see what your Muse has to tell you.


Let me know what interests you.

I’d really like to hear what interests you—what speaks to your Muse!

And if you have questions, interests, or feedback about anything on my site—or about your own writing aspirations—please let me know.  I aim to be responsive to your needs through my email communications and complimentary consultations. Email me at:

“You add a tremendous amount of value. There’s no way I could do this on my own. I am so impressed by how much you can write, it humbles me. Writing with your guidance is like working out: if you keep doing it, it gets easier.”— George Troy, Author, The Five Laws of Retail

Encouraging your flowering,

Naomi Rose

For people who value the inner life who want to write a book . . . and more

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“Naomi is an amazing writing coach. She started me on my path of writing from my depths ten years ago. I loved how she supported me to quickly claim my unique strengths as a writer. Naomi coached me through writing my very first e-course, ‘Collage for Self-Discovery,’ which is still alive and loved in the online market today.”—Shelley Klammer, Shelley Klammer Counselling