🌿 Teas for the Writing Process 🌿


A good cup of tea can signify to your body, mind, and soul that you are letting yourself have something special: a break from busyness, an entree into another way of seeing and being. It can also be good medicine: many teas, especially herbal teas, bring forth certain energetic “notes” or “chords” that attune us to a more aligned experience of ourselves.

Including healing teas in your writing ritual can be a wonderful, simple way to create a conducive atmosphere for writing. Depending on where you are in your project’s writing process, as well as your taste, you can choose and brew those teas that will enable your attention to support your intention.

When to Enhance Your Writing Experience with Tea

Just knowing that you will be sitting down with your chosen tea before writing, while taking a reflective break, after completing that session’s writing, or all of the foregoing can signal your deeper Self that you are taking your desire to write deeply to heart. And then, of course, there is the delicious taste of the tea, its medicinal gifts, and its support in bringing you present.

Being present, of course, is the whole point: being with your writing as if it is the only thing happening now, so that the gifts of the present moment can unveil themselves to you. If a mindful cup of delicious, good-for-you tea can help, why not give yourself that support.

I have discovered a glorious form of tea to serve your writing experience: Flowering Teas.. Here’s the “scoop.”

🌺🌿 Flowering Teas to Encourage Your Flowering 🌿🌺

Teabloom is a green tea (literally) woven with flowers. While it’s healthy for you, its real appeal is that, when steeped in hot water — preferably in a transparent teapot — its flowers open up spectacularly right under your eyes. Talk about “encouraging your flowering”!

As the company puts it, the blooms “are hand-made, each individually crafted and sewn by tea artisans into tiny balls or heart-shaped blooms with the finest green tea leaves. Full leaves — not chopped are used. They are wrapped tightly around edible flavorful flowers, which when steeped will emerge and bloom before your very eyes into a virtual flower garden in your teapot. And each bloom can be steeped and re-steeped up to 3 times.”

I couldn’t wait to try it, with an eye (palate) towards recommending to you as a writing enhancement. This first video to your right shows my very first time with Teabloom flowering tea. I love how the blooms look as the flowers unfold when steeped in hot water. And the perfume that rises from within the transparent teapot (also from Teabloom) smells divine.

And in this second video, the tea is ready to drink.

To give this fragrant, flowering tea to yourself, to ritualize and grace your writing sessions, click the button below. Teabloom has a wide variety of flowering teas, as well as teapots and other fun paraphernalia. (And you can use the teapots for brewing loose teas as well — see “Herbal Teas,” below.)

Just be sure to boil the water in a kettle that can be placed directly on the stove. The glass teapots will easily withstand the temperature of hot water poured into them, but not the direct heat of being on the stove.

Continuing with the transparency motif, I’m letting you know that I am an affiliate of Teabloom. (The herbal teas, below, I source and package, myself.)

🌺🌿 Affirmations help too 🌿🌺 

“As I sip this tea . . . .”

While pouring the tea, as you breathe in the steam, you can affirm the efficacy of the tea’s ingredients as your intention. Whatever you’re wanting to open up in you (and watching the flowering tea “magically” unfold in hot water provides a visible example), you can ask for. For example, you might tell yourself, “As I sip this tea, flow comes to me,” and then hold that intention as you start writing. Or perhaps, “As I sip this tea, clarity comes to me,” and so on.

Treating yourself well in a sensory way — and calming your unconscious mind with this affirmation, as well as with the gift of the teas and their healing qualities — will likely play out well in your writing.

Whichever tea bouquets you choose, may their fragrance and delicious, healthy taste bring forth your own fragrant writing!