When I tell you that I’m out to make the whole process of writing enjoyable, I mean it. Were you expecting chocolate to be part of it? Well, now it is.

In keeping with the “curation” aspect of the Rose Press Enhancements for Writers Collection, I have scoured the land (virtually, that is) for a single brand of chocolate that I could recommend and personally get behind. As a deep chocolate lover (you can hyphenate that either way: deep-chocolate lover, or deep chocolate-lover), I have tasted quite a few of the best (dark is better for you) chocolates I could find. And finally, I came upon a brand that fulfills all my criteria and more: Gnosis Chocolate.

  • 🍫 It is handmade in true artisan fashion.

  • 🍫 It is ecologically sourced and packaged.

  • 🍫 It is incredibly delicious.

  • 🍫 While deliciously sweet, it uses natural sweeteners that do not jolt your nervous system into exaggerated adrenaline responses.

  • 🍫 And the surprise, seal-the-deal factor: It is actually good for you.

Yes, truly. The chocolate maker spent the first part of her life as a wellness coach. Vanessa Barg is a Board Certified Holistic Health counselor, who began making chocolate in 2006 as a gift for her clients. She brings her expertise and love of all things healthy to her chocolates. So you can find herbal-laced chocolates, for example.

As Vanessa, aka “Chocolate Girl,” puts it:

“Each Gnosis recipe is designed to perform in both flavor and function.

“Some feature the rich simplicity of smooth dark chocolate, while others carry a kick of spice, chill of mint, or pinch of salt. Find abundance in bars laden with ripe superfruits, and crunchy nuts and seeds.

“Our most unique bars contain integrative formulations of functional herbs from Ayurvedic, Chinese, and South & Native American medicines - alchemical blends to empower your health and vitality!”


In the first place, maybe you were already planning to lay in a cache of chocolate to support your writing intention.

And, happily, if that had not occurred to you, here are some sweet ideas:

Chocolate image, cropped.jpg
  1. 🍫 Chocolate — once called the “food of the Gods” — is a stimulant, so you might give yourself the assist of a small piece upon first sitting down to write. The benefit of Gnosis Chocolate is that it (as mentioned) lacks the adrenaline punch of refined sugar, so you get the deliciousness without the inherent destructiveness. In other words, it’s not self-sabotage.

  2. 🍫 Because of the addition of “wellness” ingredients, you’re actually feeding yourself something good. Consider these winning, unexpected blessings of the chocolates: superfoods, superherbs, antioxidants, and adaptogens.

  3. 🍫 Similar to the Rose Press Collection of flower essence remedies and teas, these chocolates promote qualities that can help you traverse some of the internal phases of writing a book. For example, the “Energy: Simplicity” bar contains blue-green algae for mood and concentration. The “Endurance: Coco” bar helps you go the distance. The “Clarity: Cool Mint” bar stimulates the mind (and body). And there are many more varieties available for you.

  4. 🍫 There is even a hot-chocolate drink, the wellness version — a “SuperChoc Elixir” filled with such organic ingredients as: raw cacao powder, coconut sugar, lucuma, siberian ginseng, burdock root, rose hips, maca root, açai powder, ashwagandha, reishi mushroom, and love.

Do you want to stimulate your will to write beforehand? Keep your endurance levels going as you write? Reward yourself afterwards for a writing session well done? Any or all of these options are kosher. All Gnosis Chocolate bars are made with raw, organic, vegan, kosher and free of GMO, refined sugar, dairy, soy, gluten, and peanuts.

Chocolate bars, truffles, elixirs and trailmix, superfoods, and more.


The maker’s background in holistic health is not a past-tense benefit; it’s very much present in the chocolates themselves. Here is an excerpt from one customer testimonial that probably says it all:

“I found the immunity bar, and after reading everything on it several times and upon trying it i nearly cried. This was quite possibly the best thing I have eaten in a long long time and — with how health conscious I am, and how stringent I need to be about my allergies and digestive issues — eating this and NOT being sick was downright incredible. 

”I’ve now eaten a few immunity bars in the last 2 weeks and have had dramatic health improvements in such a short time period. The combinations you are doing in these bars is somehow working a miracle in my body in every conceivable way. I’ve actually had people stopping me asking me what have I been eating because I look so much better, like my musculature has improved and my skin, and the list goes on and on.” — Ashley

🍫 So when I recommend this chocolate, it’s not just a sweet indulgence. It’s completely in keeping with my healing focus in relation to writing. 🍫


As a delighted affiliate, I endorse the Writing Enhancement of Gnosis Chocolate. (I have tasted, and I know.) You can look to your heart’s content, and then purchase what calls to you, guilt-free. (Vanessa adds, “Please allow up to 1 week for made-to-order-by-hand small-batches-filled-with love production!”)

Good tasting — and good writing!