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"I have felt very seen by you, and that is so much what therapy is about. We all yearn for that." — Jenaii Gold, MFT, Author, The Moon, the Hare, and the Pearl: An Intuitive Guide to Psychotherapy

When you write a book by listening it forth (rather than uncomfortably trying to force it out), you heal yourself and the world.

Your readers receive a living experience of what you wrote about because you were fully there for the writing. That's what heals.

Our world today needs so much healing. And while there are many views on how to more effectively manipulate outer systems, what about the real place where healing occurs — on the inside?

Many people do not yet understand the tremendous power of a conscious inner life to transform not only the individual but the larger sphere in which we all interconnect. But something in them is longing to. They just need help to get to it.

This can be where you come in. You can write a book that reaches far beyond the range of your private healing practice. And this book can help to heal the world from the inside out, reader by reader by reader.

As a person of depth and integrity, who has chosen a vocation founded on the premise that wholeness not only is possible but is our human birthright, you know a lot about the healing power of being heard. You practice it with your clients (and others) so very much of the time. Perhaps you were the first person in their lives to hold a receptive focus for them, in which they could release their acquired negative self-beliefs and begin to grow into the potentials that you saw in them.

What if you could write a book that the world needs to receive for its deep healing — and do so in a way that places you on the receiving end, this time, similar to how you help your clients? Even a wonderful listener like you can use support in hearing your own heart's call and expression. As a Book Developer, this is where I can help. 

"Naomi provided the warm and inviting space that I needed to speak about my work and listen to the words as they emerged from within. She listened to my words before they were even shaped. She was fascinated with my ideas as I shared them with her, and this receptivity validated what I was wanting to write. She showed me how to write from my deeper Self.

"Naomi, thank you for listening to the heart of this book. It was inside me, and you welcomed it into being. Giving birth to books that heal is certainly your calling." — Doreen Hamilton, PhD, Author, Essential Speaking: The 7-Step Guide to Finding Your Real Voice


To Put the World to Rights:

Depth is much of what's missing from many books today. The inherent hunger for wholeness has been subordinated to the desire (real or media-induced) for techniques, how-to's, and information untouched by wisdom or tenderness. The result of this cultural imprint is that the need to contact and live from our true nature goes unmet, and — more poignantly — unheard.

This is where you come in.

Whether your book takes the form of a nonfiction guide to the inner life, a memoir, a novel, poetry, even a deeply considered "how-to," the essential ingredient that will bring about wholeness in your readers is . . . you.

Not just what you have learned, professionally and personally, over your years of experience. Not only your wisdom, your ideas, your prescription for "good medicine." But also who you are . . . and who you are becoming in the process of writing your book.

It's not only your readers who will be transformed and catalyzed by your book into the next chapter of their lives. It's you, too. By writing your book in the way I help clients to do, you will get to live in an illuminated next chapter of our own.

Because of Your Career and Healing Focus:

  • You have a special focus in your healing work that you trust will be of value to others. You would like to articulate this clearly and compellingly, and make it available to a wider range of people than you can through private practice.

  • You want to spread your healing message, become known for this in the world, and attract more clients through your book.

  • There are certain subjects that have come up in your practice ~ maybe in your life ~ that no one seems to have written about. And yet there is a need for them to be addressed more publicly. You are wondering whether this is a call for you to do so.

Because of Your Temperament and Sensibility:

  • You’re a contemplative person, and would prefer to articulate your reflections in the slower, more attentive way that writing makes possible than by having to, say, give a talk.

  • You always wanted to be a writer. But you didn’t really give it room. Perhaps your writing efforts have been limited to professional writing. Now you are drawn to bring forth that early inner writer and see what s/he has to tell you (and maybe even the world).

  • Your life has been a healing journey. At this point, its arc and meaning are more clear. You feel in a position to tell a healing story and contribute to the literature of seekers over time ~ especially in this time.

  • You have ample time to give to writing a book, at this point in your life. You think this could be a good way to use your energies and cull your life’s wisdom.


  • The idea visits you in the wee hours, and won’t let you rest until you do something about it.

  • You have put down thoughts on paper (or in computer files), even though you aren't sure what they add up to.

  • There are journals (in your closet . . . drawer, etc.) that contain some shareable treasures.

  • Stories, impressions, ideas, vignettes tease your imagination while you're doing something else (like walking, showering, driving, waiting in line).

  • You sense that, despite some possible resistance, you need to write your book in order to bring your life into its next chapter.


Writing from the Deeper Self is different from ordinary ways into writing. It brings forth the larger, deeper "you," and changes how you view yourself and your capacities, as well as your subject. As a Book Developer, I bring to my clients 30+ years in the publications field as well as a deep capacity to receive you. Together, we listen the book that is seeking to be born through you into being.

I offer a complimentary initial session. Contact me to explore the book of your heart.





People Long for Depth. Healers Go Deep. Books Written by Healers Can Heal the World



  • Bring forth the book of your heart.

  • Enjoy your being the one to be listened to exquisitely. (It's your time.)

  • Learn to trust your writing-intuition.

  • Take joy in your innate creativity. Write in your own way, pace, and voice.

  • Discover hidden gifts in your work and in yourself.

  • Transform your relationship to writing into one of deep connection and service.

  • Emerge with a publishable manuscript.

  • Enjoy the option to continue with me throughout the self-publishing process (or engage my recommendations re: traditional publishing)


  • Reach a great many more people with your book than you can in your professional practice, alone

  • Build your professional presence as an expert in your field

  • Use your book as a lead-in to workshops, seminars, speaking engagements, products, and more

  • Attract pre-screened clients, colleagues, and collaborators

  • Make new friends and widen your circle of loved ones

  • Heal the world through your book


The Star-Seer's Prophecy: an epic fantasy trilogy of the healing journey, by Rahima Warren, MFT (ret.). Available from Rose Press. Naomi Rose, Book Developer

"Spellbinding . . . Fearless . . . Soulful . . . Redemptive"

“Longtime psychotherapist Rahima Warren brings her daring, passionate, and compassionate trilogy to a most satisfying close in Perilous Bliss [Book Three of the trilogy]. If you’re ready to encounter your wounded side, to understand and release its pain, and to walk with it through a more serene future, then let yourself experience the fiercely potent, healing magic of The Star-Seer’s Prophecy, because it was written for you.” — Jodie Forrest, Author, The Rhymer and the Ravens, and The Ascendant


  • You have a partly written manuscript that you stopped knowing what to do with, stored somewhere on your computer.

  • You are in touch with a special focus of healing, used fruitfully with your clients.

  • You have years of wisdom about what heals the psyche, spirit, body to impart — but nothing down on paper.

  • Your own life's journey calls to be set down in writing.

  • You have an idea of what you might want to write a book about, but nothing written.

  • You have no idea, but you have an inner urging.

Whether you're called to write a nonfiction book (e.g., based on your professional experience and insights), a memoir, a work of fiction, narrative nonfiction, poetry, essays, an article, or even a website that truly reflects you, I can help you bring forth a manuscript that will illuminate your understanding, bring creative fulfillment, and translate directly from your deep heart to the hearts of your readers.

A great listener like you deserves to be heard far and wide. Let's listen to you together.

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(In the interests of accurate attribution, I drew this fountain pen over a stock photo of a rainbow.)




From “Spark to Finish,” I can take you all the way through each phase of your book — including writing, editing, self-publishing. You don’t need to keep looking for trustworthy help. It’s right here.


Location: Oakland, California, USA / Phone: (510) 465-3935 Pacific Time / Email: / Consultations: in-person, by phone, or by Skype



Before I created Writing from the Deeper Self and became a Book Developer, I worked in the publications profession for several decades, helping publishers (e.g., Ten Speed Press, Ortho Books), authors (e.g., Richard Carlson of “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”), businesses, and nonprofits as a writer, editor, illustrator, and consultant. I bring this cumulative experience to the work that you and I will do together.



From birth, I was exposed to fine arts from within the family. Both parents were writers by calling and profession, and my father was also a visual artist. I therefore became attuned to what constitutes adept writing before I was old enough to put words to it. It was in the atmosphere. Later, I made my own journey, including an M.A. in English literature, studies in visual art, and a first marriage to a concert musician. Having three streams of creative expression, I understand the common roots, and can help you tap yours.



My interest in psychology, spirituality, and the nature of the body has been with me all my life. My own forays to understand came largely through reading. Later, I did graduate courses in transpersonal psychology, many workshops, an extraordinary two-year Sufi school, and more.

All of this enables me to meet you where you are, and help you — through writing your book — journey where you want to come to.



Contact me to discuss your and your book's needs.
I offer monthly packages, hourly rates, and, depending on the current state of your writing, some flat fees.

Contact me to schedule your complimentary exploratory session, so you can get a sense of how well I understand you and can help you.

If you are ready to give yourself to the book of your heart, we will come up with a payment plan that works for both of us.

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“Naomi has had a profound effect on my life by helping me not only create something I’d only dreamed of, but also realize the importance of fulfilling and honoring such a calling.

“To work with her is to experience acceptance, wonder, respect, honor, encouragement, guidance, and complete attention — in essence, the precious and rare gift of love. Love for the potential, beauty, and spirit that is inside me, and all of us.

"In such a presence, those things within naturally flower into a unique, yet universal, offering of a book. Writing this book has become a journey of discovery in the deepest way.” — Thuy Nguyen, L.Ac., founder, Berkeley Community Acupuncture


A bit of fun:

Therapist Pale Ale label.jpg

The wording says: "THERAPIST: No Appointment Necessary. This hop-centric IPA treats you to a heavy dose of hops that won't leave you bitter. Have a seat (you'll need one) and leave your worries to the therapist." I know good therapy involves a great deal more than taking a drink! (If it does at all.) Still, when I saw this label on a bottle of pale ale, I had to buy it to include on this page. Hope you enjoy it, too. 

Some Reviews and Client Successes


From the author of: THE ALCHEMY OF COMBAT: Transforming Trauma in Combat Veterans

A Guide for Therapists, Family, Friends, Loved Ones, Colleagues, and Others Who Care. 

“Naomi Rose took my manuscript and turned it into a book! I can't even begin to thank her enough.”

Larry Decker, PhD. (Foreword by Karl Malantes, author of Why We Go to War.) Published by Suluk Press (imprint of Omega Publications)

 illustration by naomi rose

illustration by naomi rose

From the author of: ESSENTIAL SPEAKING

The 7-Step Guide to Finding Your Real Voice

"The purpose of writing this book was to share with a wider audience the transformational work [about authentic public speaking] that I was doing with individuals and groups. In my workshops on authentic speaking, I knew how to guide people to their inner voice and speak from the heart. However, when writing, I was not able to tap into the clarity, strength, and power of my own inner knowing.

"Naomi provided the warm and inviting space that I needed to speak about my work and listen to the words as they emerged from within. She showed me how to write from my deeper Self.

“It always surprises me when I receive a call from someone who has said they have read my book and want to work with me. This is what pleases me the most. Without the book, I could not have reached the number of people who are now able to learn about Essential Speaking.”

Doreen Hamilton, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Training Director: Speaking Circles International


 photo by naomi rose

photo by naomi rose

From the author of: CARRYING JOSEPH’S BONES

Healing Intergenerational Jewish Trauma

"When I began this process, my deepest yearnings were twofold: one, that the words expressed would be a true expression of my soul; and two, that in the process of writing I would find and deepen my relationship with my creativity, and myself. Naomi has been a precious guide in both respects. She has provided unwavering support and profound mirroring, and has gently guided and encouraged me, again and again, to write from the place of my true and authentic self. In the process, I have come into relationship with my deepest creative self, after a lifetime of longing and disconnection from it.

"Her intellectual capacity is also profound: she understands and helps me give voice to complex intellectual and conceptual concepts, as well as deeply personal and spiritual ones. She is a truly gifted teacher and guide. Anyone who has the pleasure of working with her will encounter the joy of discovering many hidden gifts and treasures in their work and, perhaps more importantly, in themselves."

Carolyn Shoshana Fershtman, PhD. Forthcoming.


From the author of: THE STAR-SEER’S PROPHECY, an epic fantasy novel of the healing journey

Book One: Dark Innocence / Book Two: Fierce Blessings / Book Three: Perilous Bliss

"It's been really wonderful working with Naomi. She is so kind and supportive and gentle and appreciative, yet perceptive of the places where my book needed improvement, from commas to emotional nuances. Her faith in my book has been very important to me in keeping my inner critic at bay. She has inspired me to honor what I have written by doing the work necessary to bring it into the coherent and beautiful form it deserves."     

Rahima Warren, MFT (ret.) Published by Rose Press



 illustration by naomi rose

illustration by naomi rose

From the author of: GIFTS OF THE MANDALA 

A Guided Journey of Self-Discovery

"Unconditional positive regard and presence are two qualities that every good therapist aspires to. When achieved, the counselor becomes a healer. What a delightful surprise to find that Naomi Rose excels in these attributes. Through being deeply listened to, I am starting to hear myself. Because of that, my relationship to writing has shifted to a level that will grow beyond the book project and inform the rest of my life. The book has become a bonus, and I am grateful."

Clare Goodwin, Psychosynthesis Therapist. Publisher: Balboa Press / A Division of Hay House


 photo by naomi rose

photo by naomi rose



Reflections on the Passover Seder as a Journey Towards Freedom, Healing, and Wholeness

"As a therapist, I know how grateful my patients are when they feel genuinely understood, not just their processes, but their essence. I didn't know I could feel the same way with a book-developer! But working with Naomi, I felt that and more. I too am profoundly grateful for her skillful way of bringing out the best in her clients and, mostly, for her humanity. She provided me with a sense of being understood, helped me clarify what I wanted to convey, and organized the material so that it began to have more structural integrity. Her comments and suggestions reflected my intentions, and her questions inspired me to go deeper. Naomi shared with me a feeling of deep appreciation of my work, both the content and those passages where her 'breath was taken away.' That some of my writing touched her so deeply gave me a sense of confidence to trust my heart to speak its truth." 

Shelle Goldstein, LCSW, PA




Writing from the Deeper Self rose image + title, final.jpg



From the author of: HEALING CIVILIZATION

Bringing Personal Transformation into the Societal Realm through Education and the Integration of the Intra-Psychic Family

“I owe the present edition of my book to Naomi Rose, to whom I am indebted. An experienced editor and writing coach helping people find their own depth through self-expression, I trusted that she would be the right person to revise my manuscript. She was moved by its content and not only was grateful for the opportunity to read it but also expressed the wish that she might be of further help in its becoming known to the English-speaking public [through publication]. I like the idea of having my book produced with such maternal care and deep appreciation.”

Claudio Naranjo, MD. (Foreword by Jean Houston). Published by Rose Press.

Claudio Naranjo is at the forefront of those seeking to transform the world. For anyone wanting to make a difference for the better, Healing Civilization is a must-read!” — Michael Toms, New Dimensions Radio


 photo and collage by naomi rose

photo and collage by naomi rose


From the author of: THE MOON AND YOU

A Woman's Way to an Easier Monthly Cycle {Finalist, Indie Excellence Book Awards; Silver Award, Living Now Book Awards}

“When I decided to dive into all the notes I had collected and really turn my outline into a book, Naomi Rose was an invaluable partner on the journey. She understood what I wanted to say, and made sure that my thoughts flowed smoothly. Her grasp of the book extended from the overall vision down to the details, and even in small ways — by completing a phrase or rearranging a sentence or paragraph here and there — she created an appealing whole out of the many ideas I had to share.

“Her insights and her gift for understanding my message raised my confidence so much. She shared my vision, and was genuinely excited about getting this book out into the world.

“The book is now changing lives, and finding its way into homes and hearts around the world. She offered the support I needed to create the book that I dared to dream was possible. Thank you so much, Naomi!”

Barbara Hanneloré, Founder and Mentor, Women's Way Moon Cycles. Publisher: Bell House

 Illustration by naomi rose

Illustration by naomi rose


From the author of: THE SPIRIT BUNDLE

"If you ever need an expert second opinion and a gentle hand to help you with your manuscript, I highly recommend Naomi Rose.

“The scope of our work together was to have her give me an overview of what she thought of my second novel, The Spirit Bundle. She pointed out possible chapter reconstructions, the need for embedding character or scene descriptions earlier in the book, general syntax corrections, and much more.

“Those kinds of improvement strategies might have threatened some authors. Naomi presented each observation with supreme respect for my creative process and my author’s sensitivity to correction. Most everything she offered me has profoundly increased the quality of my tale. I am profoundly grateful for her knowledge and her caring for this project.”

— Earlene Gleisner, RN, Reiki Master. The Spirit Bundle is the second book in “The Sacred Bundle” series. 








Gallery of Books by Some of My Clients


"It's a beautiful thing to listen to yourself. When you listen to yourself, you write your own book." — Sherif Baba 

If this feels like the time for us to listen to you together to bring forth the book of your heart, contact me.

Because a great listener like you deserves to be heard far and wide.