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Writing can be beautiful when you work with what's in you. Listening to yourself brings this beauty to the surface. Being listened to enables you to listen to yourself when you write. Which may be what your deeper Self has been wanting all along.

When you develop a book, you get to pay really close and wonderful attention to yourself, see what comes alive, and follow that road as it unfolds in front of you.


Guiding “budding” and experienced writers since 1987

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Want to write something other than a book? See the “Writing from the Deeper Self” page.

And if you’re a therapist or other healer who wants to write a book — well, there’s a page for this too. See “Book Writing for Therapists”



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If you are ready to give yourself to the book of your heart, we will come up with a plan that works for both of us.

A Way to Care for Yourself as You Write a Book

"It's a beautiful thing to listen to yourself. Then you write your own book." — Sherif Baba

When you think of writing a book, what comes to mind? Frustration? Self-doubt? Self-sabotage? And the big one, procrastination? Do you relate to the (dated) movie images of writers at their typewriters, madly typing away, only to rip the written page from the platen, ball it up, and throw it into the (overflowing) wastebasket?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine that instead of working against yourself, you could find your natural creative ways, say what’s in you to say, actually love the process, and emerge with not only a publishable manuscript, but also more of yourself than before you began writing. With Writing from the Deeper Self book development, you can.

Listening your book into being is something that we do together.


This is your book, yet you are not alone in this process. As I listen to you deeply and help you translate what’s emerging from within you into a book that has beauty and life, you can relax, and listen to and trust yourself in the way you may have longed for.

You may believe that there’s a “right” way to write a book that you have to make yourself conform to. But it’s more the other way around: the book needs to attune to who you are, and to your creative pathways. While there are certain ubiquitous elements of a book (chapters, for example), how these chapters get written depends on where you are and what’s wanting to be known. I encourage you to go with what’s alive in you, so that you are in sync with yourself — even if you end up writing Chapter 8 before Chapter 2. (Not that you have to.) This means that heeding what’s inside you is the most important thing. You can rely on my decades of book-knowledge to help you bring what’s authentic in you into book form, in a way that feels true for you.

When you step onto this path of Book Development as I practice it, you begin to trust what unfolds (even if it seems to lead somewhere other than your analytical mind initially had in mind) and allow your book to find its true shape. So the process of "Writing from the Deeper Self" not only helps you to end up with a book — it also is a journey worth taking in its own right.

Where Are You in Your Book-Writing Journey?

📔 Do you have a partly written manuscript that you stopped knowing what to do with, stored somewhere on your computer?

📔 Are you in touch with a special focus of healing, used fruitfully with your clients?

📔 Do you have years of wisdom about what heals the psyche, spirit, body to impart — but nothing down on paper?

📔 Is your own life journey calling to be set down in writing?

📔 Do you have an idea of what you might want to write a book about, but nothing written?

📔 Do you have no specific idea that you’re aware of, yet feel a persistent inner urging?

Whether you're called to write:

📔 A nonfiction book (e.g., based on your professional experience and insights),

📔 A memoir,

📔 A work of fiction,

📔 Narrative nonfiction,

📔 Essays,

📔 An article, or even a website that truly reflects you,

I can help you bring forth a manuscript that will illuminate your understanding, bring creative fulfillment, and translate directly from your deep heart to the hearts of your readers.


  1. Bring forth the book of your heart.

  2. Enjoy the healing of being listened to, received, and valued — for yourself as well as what you're writing.

  3. Learn to trust your intuition, and your own creative ways.

  4. Discover how to draw from the infinite well of your essential being through book-writing.

  5. Write in your own way, pace, and voice.

  6. Fulfill yourself creatively.

  7. Bring forth a book that you love.

  8. Emerge with a publishable manuscript.

  9. Enjoy the option to continue with me throughout the self-publishing process (or engage my recommendations re: traditional publishing)


The world is waiting for your book, even though it doesn’t know it yet. Your readers need the healing medicine that only you can give. And you need the opportunities the world will offer you once your book is in print.

  1. Reach a great many more people with your book than you can by talking one-to-one.

  2. Build your credibility as an expert in your field.

  3. Use your book as a lead-in to workshops, seminars, speaking engagements, products, and more.

  4. Make new friends and widen your circle of loved ones.

  5. Heal the world through your book.

FYI: It’s also fine if you want to write a book purely for your own sake, and not to share with others (initially, or at all). The process and rewards of writing are similar.

Why I Created This Unique Approach to Book Writing

📔 Because — after working in the book-publications field for decades, helping publishers as well as authors — I came to realize that the real person writing the book tends to be eclipsed behind the conventions of publishing.

Think about it: something calls you to write a book. You’re nervous . . . you’re unsure . . . doubts aplenty rise up, clouding the place inside that wants (perhaps needs) to write this book. In your heart of hearts, what you want is a safe way to bring forth what’s in you, no matter what the subject or genre. Even if you’re an expert in a very complex field, the truth is that without you, there would be no book — no understanding, no appreciation, no unique illumination. What so often goes unnoticed is the person who is writing the book.

📔 And yet the person you are — more than your information, knowledge, or even point of view — is what will bring your book to life in a way that is both universal and uniquely yours.

I had done a good job of making manuscripts read like they were “supposed to.” But my own hunger to see myself more truly through the book’s pages told me that simply grooming the book to fit the conventions of the day wasn’t enough. I wanted the blessing of the author’s genuine presence on the page.

And so I decided to set out on my own to help authors hear and trust their heart’s call in their writing — to bring forth their inner treasures, both to enhance their own fulfillment, and to raise the bar on books out in the field. I brought as much of myself to this as I could — professionally, artistically, spiritually, and personally.

As I was trying to give a name to what I was about to do (because, much like a book in the beginning, at that point it was pretty much unformed), one day I was walking down the road and an insistent voice came to me from inside: “Writing from the Deeper Self!” it said. “Writing from the Deeper Self!”

📔 And that’s how the Writing from the Deeper Self approach to Book Development was born.

Letting Your Inner Treasures Become Visible

"I was a hidden treasure and I longed to be known.” — attributed to the Divine

This underlying longing to be known goes on in each of us. We sense that there is a “hidden treasure” within us, and we long for it to be known. Yes, by others; but also by ourselves.

And yet most of us have had experiences earlier in life when these treasures of our true being were not acknowledged, perhaps not wanted, or even known. Under such conditions, what is most real in us may go into hiding for safe-keeping. Only later in life, when the realization that life lived without this treasure is not fulfilling comes clear, does the inner work to reclaim that treasure become a necessity.

Much of the experience of writing — especially a book — is in some way touched, tainted, by that early sense that who we are was not fully wanted.

My approach to Book Development is an opportunity to do it differently — to reverse that tendency — to (re)discover the treasure within — to consciously bring forth your light, and to enjoy, even exult in, the process.

When you listen to yourself deeply — when you are listened to by someone who can hear you, acknowledge you, and guide you through the entirety of the book-writing process — then you get to discover and bring forth your inner treasures through your writing. Your book becomes a reflection of you — not only the particulars that make you unique, but also the deeper, more universal strata of your being.

This makes your book a gift to your readers, who also long to be known.

"Anyone who has the pleasure of working with Naomi will encounter the joy of discovering many hidden gifts and treasures in their work and, perhaps more importantly, in themselves." — Carolyn Shoshana Fershtman, PhD

"What Naomi does superbly is to evoke the creative and articulate in each person who works with her, to such a degree that each one is surprised at his/her own talent for expression." — Gay Luce, co-founder (with Jean Houston), Nine Gates Mystery School

I offer a complimentary 1/2-hour consultation by phone or Skype to explore how I might help you write the book of your heart. Please take me up on this invitation. I have a number of slots still open.

Why Book “Development"?

There's a big difference between writing a book as an assignment, and developing a book. When you write a book as an assignment (even if you assign it to yourself), you often have to contend with internal "shoulds" and try to meet some external bar established by others, even if only in your own mind.

But when you develop a book, you get to pay really close and wonderful attention to yourself, see what comes alive, and follow that road as it unfolds in front of you. Book development as I practice it is a living, breathing process of finding out what's in you and offering meaningful, evocative ways to bring it out. When something "develops" in you, it’s not an assignment. It’s a reality that’s alive and growing within you. You can enjoy working with that. 

What it means to develop a book:

  1. To write a book (or any complete work) from beginning to end. (However, you can begin in the middle, as well.)

  2. To allow what wants to be written to arise, encouraging it to develop as a light-touched negative develops in a dark room.

  3. To bring your real dreams of writing out of the closet of despair, self-criticism, and doubt, and let them lead you through the landscape of your heart’s desire.

  4. To bring these writings into the world to a widening circle of readers who, through reading your work, become intimate with themselves, and feel like loved ones and friends.

Book development, as conceived by naomi rose

Book development, as conceived by naomi rose

In the old, pre-digital-photography days, film was “developed” in a darkroom. That is, it went through a process of revealing itself onto the print paper very gradually. Slowly, the prints made by exposure to the negative in the chemical solution would develop. At first, the paper would be blank; then, a bit of indistinct form would show; then more, then more — until finally, the image became crystal-clear: "Oh, it's the tree I photographed by the hillside on that windy day!" “Oh, it’s my best friend, smiling like the sun.”

Developing a book is something like that. You start with a desire to bring forth something that matters to you, but in the beginning it may not be all that clear. Rather than give up, or force a predictable outcome (which starting with an outline can sometimes tend to do), a more reliable, respectful way is to draw out just as much at a time as is willing to show itself, and no more. Then, the bit that has revealed itself begins to show other, related possibilities.

You may prefer to start writing your book chronologically, writing the Introduction and then Chapter 1, and so on. I can certainly work with you that way, if you want. But you might find it freeing to know that you also can develop a book out of sequence, as your deeper Self brings you realizations and inspirations that arise in the moment. Even if you currently have no idea where they belong, you will come to trust that they do belong. Then you write as you're led to; and at some point, enough of a picture emerges that suggests an authentic and workable shape for your book.

At this point, I may tell you, "The thread that links what you wrote here ____, and here ____, and here ____ suggests that all this comes together in a 'Part I.' That means there will be a 'Part II,' and maybe even a 'Part III' and 'Part IV.' Let's see how the writing you already have done falls into these parts. Then we'll figure out the missing pieces." This allows both your analytical mind (“left brain”) and your holistic mind (“right brain”) to work together, making writing your book a deep, creative, and healing adventure. The end result reads sequentially (Chapter 2 follows Chapter 1, and so on), but the developmental process underlying that end result happened in a more intuitive, attuned way.

How I Can Help You Write the Book of Your Heart

Poster for a 1946 Screwball comedy called "She wrote the book"

Poster for a 1946 Screwball comedy called "She wrote the book"

As a Book Developer, I bring to the wonderful people who work with me over 30 years of experience in the publications field as an editor, writer, and consultant, as well as my knowledge of the creative process (for more on this, see the “Creative Process” series). At the same time, I also bring the ability to listen to you deeply, attentively, and compassionately, so that you know in your bones that you are not in this process alone, and that your writing will flower as a completed, publishable book.

Because you don’t have to hold your still-inchoate desires for your book by yourself or navigate its passage alone, you can step into writing your book, trust what unfolds, and allow your book to find its true meaning, music, and shape. All this makes the Writing from the Deeper Self approach to writing a book a journey worth taking.

“I just wanted to thank you for your help in the early part of my book development. You really helped me to listen more deeply for my soul’s calling in what I was writing, to share more of my experiences and heart. I thought you would enjoy knowing that the book finally got birthed into the world.  I am getting really, really good feedback on it so far. Thanks for your wonderful work with authors like me.” — Deborah Welch, PhD, author, Forgiveness at Work

And when you are done, because you have been with yourself in such a deep and connected way in the writing process, what's on the page will reverberate with your readers in a kindred way. As you bring your book out into the world, you may reap many benefits, opportunities, and blessings. But perhaps none is as touching as to receive a letter from a reader saying, “I felt I knew myself through your book in a whole new, deeper way. . . .”

It’s not how many pages you write. It’s how much of you goes into the page.

 Reviews and Client Successes

🌺 "When I began this process, my deepest yearnings were twofold: one, that the words expressed would be a true expression of my soul; and two, that in the process of writing I would find and deepen my relationship with my creativity, and myself. Naomi has been a precious guide in both respects.”

"She has provided unwavering support, profound mirroring, and has gently guided and encouraged me, again and again, to write from the place of my true and authentic self. In the process, I have come into relationship with my deepest creative self, after a lifetime of longing and disconnection from it. This gift beyond measure I attribute in large part to Naomi's soulful, loving, supportive, and wise guidance. Her intellectual capacity is also profound: she understands and helps me give voice to complex intellectual and conceptual concepts, as well as deeply personal and spiritual ones. She is a truly gifted teacher and guide. Anyone who has the pleasure of working with her will encounter the joy of discovering many hidden gifts and treasures in their work and, perhaps more importantly, in themselves."

— Carolyn Shoshana Fershtman, PhD

Gifts of the mandala, by clare goodwin. developed by naomi rose.

Gifts of the mandala, by clare goodwin. developed by naomi rose.

🌺 “Through being deeply listened to, I am starting to hear myself. Because of that, my relationship to writing has shifted to a level that will grow beyond the book project and inform the rest of my life. The book has become a bonus and I am grateful.”

— Clare Goodwin, Author, Gifts of the Mandala: A Guided Journey of Self-Discovery

🌺 “For a year and a half and three hundred pages later, Naomi has been my gifted guide.

"A great boat woman, she takes her seat quietly at the helm, and listens in a way that always inspires what is waiting to be known, said, and written to come forth. Practically skillful and mindfully soulful, she is helpful at every turn and around all the stops and stages in the process of book making. But mostly, she is the best kind of friend, and that’s really what it takes.”  

—  Prema Nihan, Author, River’s Grace: Navigating the Sacred and Mundane in Motherhood

essential speaking, by doreen hamilton. developed by naomi rose

essential speaking, by doreen hamilton. developed by naomi rose

🌺 “The purpose of writing was to share with a wider audience the transformational work that I was doing with individuals and groups. In my workshops on authentic speaking, I knew how to guide people to their inner voice and speak from the heart. However, when writing, I was not able to tap into the clarity, strength, and power of my own inner knowing.

“Naomi provided the warm and inviting space that I needed to speak about my work and listen to the words as they emerged from within. She listened to my words before they were even shaped. She was fascinated with my ideas as I shared them with her, and this receptivity validated what I wanted to write. She showed me how to write from my deeper Self.

“Naomi, thank you for listening to the heart of this book. It was inside me, and you welcomed it into being. Giving birth to books that heal is certainly your calling.”

 — Doreen Hamilton, PhD, Author, Essential Speaking: The 7-Step Guide to Finding Your Real Voice

the moon and you, by barbara hannelore. developed by naomi rose

the moon and you, by barbara hannelore. developed by naomi rose

🌺 “When I decided to dive into all the notes I had collected and really turn my outline into a book, Naomi Rose was an invaluable partner on the journey.

“She understood what I wanted to say, and made sure that my thoughts flowed smoothly. Her grasp of the book extended from the overall vision down to the details, and even in small ways—by completing a phrase or rearranging a sentence or paragraph here and there—she created an appealing whole out of the many ideas I had to share.

“Her insights and her gift for understanding my message raised my confidence so much. She shared my vision, and was genuinely excited about getting this book out into the world.

“The book is now changing lives, and finding its way into homes and hearts around the world. She offered the support I needed to create the book that I dared to dream was possible!”

— Barbara Hanneloré, Author, The Moon and You: A Woman’s Guide to an Easier Monthly Cycle. FinalistIndie Excellence Book Awards; Silver Award, Living Now Book Awards

IF THE BOOK OF YOUR HEART IS WAITING TO COME INTO BEING, CONTACT ME TO EXPLORE THE POSSIBILITIES. Take me up on my offer of a complimentary consultation. Let's listen to you together. 🌺