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When you develop a book, you get to pay really close and wonderful attention to your deep self . . . see what comes alive . . . and follow that road as it unfolds in front of you. You have it in you, and I can help.

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You have a book in your heart. Wonderful!

Now what?

That is the question, isn’t it? It’s so thrilling (and sometimes a bit nervous-making) to be “claimed” by the desire to write a book. You know — where it won’t go away, even if you keep pushing it away. Where it wakes you in the middle of the night (knowing full well that your usual daytime responsibilities, preoccupations, and distractions are offline for now), and whispers (or maybe shouts), “Write me! You need to write me!

Maybe you’ve listened, and by now you have an outline.

Or a bunch of notes towards a book — jottings assembled in a Word file, journal, or loose-leaf binder (or still just in your head).

Maybe you have pieces of a manuscript (in multiple alternative versions). Or a full first draft (if so, congratulations!).

Maybe you have simply an idea of what you want to write.

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Or no idea — just that pesky, persistent, holy calling: “Write me! Write me! You need to write me!

I’ve been in all these positions, at one time or another. That’s how I know your book won’t leave you alone until you let it in and write it. Because it wants you to have what’s in it for your own sake, well before it reaches your readers. That’s what “You need to write me!” is all about. You need the openings and nourishment that can come from giving yourself to your book, even before you know all that much about it.

What gets in the way of just writing it — “just doing it”?

For one thing, thinking it’s about “just doing it.” As if who you are is secondary to what you’re asked to “produce.” As if finding a way that fits the unique constellation you are, on so many levels, is a luxury, an indulgence — an excuse.

When in reality it’s the prerequisite.

I think it’s possible that the doubts and fears that seem to assail people even considering writing a book (or that launch in midway through the writing) have to do with holding us to some external standard that we believe — even unconsciously — we won’t be able to meet, but should . . . and that if we don’t, we will take ourselves to task.

Yes, the Inner Critic: that repository of accretions from authority figures in the past (and present), which has settled a bit too firmly into our psyche and now masquerades as “I’m only looking out for you — I don’t want you to do it wrong / embarrass yourself / fail.” That Inner Critic. Its reach is vast and close to home, and it seeks a certain certainty. It wants a formula for writing a book, so you can do it right / succeed / excel.

But the book waiting in your heart has a deeper intention: it wants to show you to yourself in a real way, no matter what its focus or genre may be. It doesn’t want you to write it in the same way you may have written papers in school, or a dissertation in graduate school. It wants you to include more of who you are, this time around. It wants you to get something real out of doing the writing, something more than the equivalent of an “A” or even letters after your name.

It wants you to write from your deeper Self.

And that’s what your deeper Self wants, too.

“ There was a deep knowing that there was so much I needed to express, and that urgency was called a book. [After a time] it went from inchoate to ‘This is absolutely possible. I’m going to do it!’” [And she did.] — Merle Jenaii Gold, author, The Moon, the Hare, and the Pearl: An Intuitive Guide to Psychotherapy

Listening Your Book into Being

When I created the process that I call “Book Development” (after decades of working in the publications field, basically following a conventional formula that left out the depth of the person writing the book),

I began to see that the baseline for writing a book with a true heartbeat was the author’s ability to really listen to her or himself. And that I could help people reach this infallible place by listening to them deeply and adeptly, bringing my professional knowledge of books and writing into the mix.

It's a beautiful thing to listen to yourself. When you listen to yourself, you write your own book." — Sherif Baba

Naomi rose, book developer — listening your book into being

Naomi rose, book developer — listening your book into being

Because everyone longs to be listened to for real. When this happens, something that’s been held tightly in the heart begins to soften. And in that softening, the things that want and need to be said rise to the surface and onto the page, astonishing the writer as well as the eventual readers with the eloquence, substantiality, and resonance of the heart’s voice.

Writing from the Deeper Self is a unique and natural deep-writing process, where we listen to you together, and your writing emerges from that. Book Development is what happens when Writing from the Deeper Self is applied specifically to writing a book. Together, you and I listen your book out of you and see what it wants to be. Then we help it to become that.

To “develop” a book is not an assignment. It is a concentration — an art — a practice of paying attention. You become your book’s gardener, and the light upon the plant, and the nutrient-rich soil, and the air into which the book moves forth and breathes. It is because you give yourself this kind of attention that your readers get the benefits.

And it’s often much easier to do when you have a companion along the way to bring forth what’s in you and help unearth new possibilities. There is no one “right way” to write your book. There is only the way that feels true for you. And when we collaborate to bring forth the book of your heart, that’s what we seek to find out, together.

Book development, as conceived by naomi rose

Book development, as conceived by naomi rose


Considering that an estimated 85 percent of people believe they have a book in them, being able to do it as an act of self-cherishing and healing — especially when you’re someone who values the inner life — makes the difference between feeling bruised along the way and taking joy in the process. Being transformed.

I bring to my clients over 30 years’ experience in the publications field as a writer, editor, consultant, book developer, illustrator, and publishing guide, working with publishers, authors, businesses, and nonprofits.

I also bring a dedicated level of support for your experience of writing and yourself as the person writing. You are never just “a client” to me. I bring my heart as well as my mind, training, intuition, spirit, and artistry to your creative needs and your being.

I listen to you with a wide-bandwidth antenna for how what you’re wanting and saying can translate into book writing that fits you, and also can stretch your capacities.

My wish is for you to feel cherished, inspired, and increasingly confident as an author and as a creative being — and for your book to make a difference for you, your readers, and the world.

Imagine that instead of working against yourself, you could:

💮 Find your natural creative ways, say what’s in you to say,

💮 Actually love the book-writing process, and

💮 Emerge with not only a publishable manuscript, but also more of yourself than before you began writing.

If you wish you could write a book in a way that gave you back at least as much as you put into it, if not more, you might like to work with me. Together, we can listen your book into being.

"What Naomi does superbly is to evoke the creative and articulate in each person who works with her, to such a degree that each one is surprised at his/her own talent for expression." — Gay Luce, co-founder (with Jean Houston), Nine Gates Mystery School

I offer a complimentary 1/2-hour phone session so we can explore the book of your heart. I reserve a certain number of spots per month for this purpose, so I hope you’ll take me up on this invitation.

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“When I began this process, my deepest yearnings were twofold: one, that the words expressed would be a true expression of my soul; and two, that in the process of writing I would find and deepen my relationship with my creativity, and myself. Naomi has been a precious guide in both respects. I have come into relationship with my deepest creative self, after a lifetime of longing and disconnection from it. This gift beyond measure, I attribute to Naomi’s soulful, loving, supportive, and wise guidance.”

— Carolyn Shoshana Fershtman, PhD, Four Worlds Therapy; author of a book-in-progress on intergenerational healing from trauma

A good way to get started is to sign up for my mailing list. I’ll send you encouraging, helpful things — from inspirations to practical publishing tips, and more. And as a special gift, you’ll receive a downloadable excerpt of Starting Your Book: A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What’s Inside You.

“Naomi's book has been a solace and a reminder that I do have something to say. We all do. I began to thrive on her encouragement."  Shelley Klammer, Author, Collage for Self-Discovery.


“I just loved your book. It made me cry. I felt like, ‘She wrote this book just for me, personally.’ It really hit home. This book is like a bible you have on a bedside table beside you.” — Karen Pearson 


(and there are many)



As we take this book-development journey together, you’ll have the opportunity to:

📔 Meet up with places in yourself you’ve felt disconnected from and longed to inhabit (or re-inhabit). Whether it’s your creativity . . . yearnings fulfilled that have seemed out of reach . . . depth of expression and understanding . . . an inspired level of artistry . . . or something else — writing your book in the way we will approach it can bring you abundant treasures from the inner realm as well as a glory of written pages.

📔 Get heart’s-desire clear on what you really want to write. You’d be amazed how much of what you think you “should” write is the Inner Critic’s idea of “protecting” you, and has little or nothing to do with your heart. Once your heart’s desire is in the forefront, its fuel blazes a clear path. To be guided by an inner sense of rightness as you write is a very special and centering joy.

📔 Find creative pathways that work for you and feel natural to you. Sometimes people think there are only certain ways to create, and that they’re not “good at them.” But creativity, by definition, is an aliveness to what’s possible, an openness to the confluence between how you are constellated and what needs or wants to come forth. As we give attention to this, you start to realize your natural creative pathways, which opens the doors to the flowering of your writing. (We also may make use of my book, Starting Your Book: A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What’s Inside You, to illuminate this process.)

📔 Invite what’s most real in you to show itself in you and on the page. When you let go of trying to do it “right” or look good on the page,you have room to receive what’s real in you. This is a profoundly healing experience (as well as being good for the writing). It’s hard to disregard or diminish yourself, once you’ve had a direct experience of that.

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📔 Write in your own way, pace, and voice. Choosing writing rituals and timing that fit your temperament . . . finding a rhythm that fits your healthiest life as well as your breathing patterns. . . discovering a true writing voice as your heart reveals it to you on the page — all these expand your realization of who you are and what’s possible for you when you’re in tune. Revel in the vibrancy of genuine self-expression.

📔 Clear out the obstacles in your way. We all tend to have obstacles that show up when we set out to express our deeper nature. Whether these are internal (such as doubt, fear, self-sabotage) or have to do with the writing itself (unawareness of what brings writing to life, for example), our work together invites them to show up so we can shine light on them, so that your deeper desire can prevail. Then it’s smooth sailing. (You may wish to make use of the special Flower Essence Remedies, exclusively designed for my clients for just this purpose, to further your ease with your writing.)

📔 Trust your intuition. As we listen to what’s in you, your intuition comes to the forefront more and more. As you allow yourself to follow it and let it play its seminal part in the writing of your book — bringing in your rational mind as needed — these two capacities coalesce to plot a book-writing journey that is infinitely worth traveling.

📔 Unearth an organic structure for your book. It’s fine to start with an outline if that’s your preference. But it’s also possible to find your book’s structure by noticing the common threads that show up in the early pieces of your writing, seeing what they point towards for future sections and chapters, and drafting a working Table of Contents from that. As the larger shape of your book gradually shows itself, you weave what you’ve written into it, and it illuminates what else wants to be written. This holistic way of organizing your book really works . . . and feels natural.

📔 Connect with inspiration. When you listen to yourself deeply, inspiration has room to breathe. In fact, we can even use some breathing practices to help that along. (To in-spire is to breathe in. . . .)

📔 Bring forth the book of your heart. Honor what’s calling you from your deeper Self. This can transform not just your writing, but also your life.

📔 Emerge with a manuscript worth publishing. Completing a manuscript is an achievement. Completing a publishable manuscript is a gift to the world.

Our sessions also will encourage and empower you to trust your book-writing desire and abilities, gain precious gifts from the writing process, feel closer to yourself, and know that you’re not in this alone.

It’s not how many pages you write. It’s how much of you goes onto the page.



Many people write books for the express purpose of enhancing their careers or vocations. Others write them to bring about benefits for their readers.

There’s no reason your book can’t both enhance your experience of yourself internally, and do good things for you in the world (as well as for your readers). Having a book in the world can bring you blessings that you can’t even imagine at this point

Note: It’s also fine if you want to write a book purely for your own sake, and not to share with others — initially, or at all. The process and rewards of writing are similar.

But if you do want to share it more widely, then bringing your book out into the world can help you:

📔 Reach a great many more people than you could one-on-one or with small groups. Through your book, your message and your presence-on-the-page can travel throughout the world and reach a huge number of people.

📔 Touch the depth of your readers’ inner being. People are hungry for depth, whether they’re consciously aware of it or not. On some level, they long to be reminded of and awakened to what’s real in themselves. To the extent that you opened to this level during the writing (since writing a book is a deeply introspective process where you get to take your time and be reflective), your book offers your readers a way to truly see and connect with themselves — an incomparable gift.

Poster for a 1946 Screwball comedy called "She wrote the book"

Poster for a 1946 Screwball comedy called "She wrote the book"

📔 Build your credibility as an expert in your field, and use your book as a way to get known. Whatever your field — or field of interest — is, you start to become known as a “go-to” person. This can create opportunities for you to build a more extensive presence in the world, whether in terms of leadership, influence, and/or financial profit (see below). With the Internet (as well as offline), the opportunities for getting known have never been greater: interviews, blogs, speaking engagements, podcasts, and much more. And once the word is out, others may invite you.

📔 Build up your clientele. If you have a service business, your book may attract pre-screened clients in the people who read and respond to it. (Just give them a way to contact you at the back of your book.)

“It always surprises me when I receive a call from someone who has said they have read my book and want to work with me. This is what pleases me the most. Without the book, I could not have reached the number of people who are now able to learn about Essential Speaking." — Doreen Hamilton, PhD, book-development client; Author, Essential Speaking: The 7-Step Guide to Finding Your Real Voice

📔 Use your book as a source of financial profit. In addition to book sales, you can use your book to build a “brand” that can include a series of products (e.g., an audiobook version of your book, online courses based on your book, workshops and seminars based on your book, and much more). As your name becomes known and associated with the products spurred by your book, your income can increase. This can become exponential.

📔 Make new friends and widen your circle of loved ones. When you put yourself out into the world to let the world know about your book, people may be deeply moved by it. Some may remain your customers, and others can actually become friends. Perhaps the point is that the whole-heartedness and love you put into your book can seed a response-in-kind.

📔 Help to heal the world. This may have been your intent from the beginning . . . or it may be an outgrowth of the resonant nature of your book. The more of yourself you gave to the book when you wrote it, the more healing is possible when people read it. Whether your book asks your readers to take some action or “simply” moves them to a transformed place, the presence in the world of people who have taken your book into them will be a healing force in the world.

“Naomi Rose was an invaluable partner on the journey. . . . She shared my vision, and was genuinely excited about getting this book out into the world. She offered the support I needed to create the book that I dared to dream was possible! The book is now changing lives, and finding its way into homes and hearts around the world.” — Barbara Hanneloré, author, The Moon and You: A Woman’s Guide to an Easier Monthly Cycle /FinalistIndie Excellence Book Awards; Silver Award, Living Now Book Awards

How We Can Work Together


Wherever you are in your book-writing process — already heavily into it, or not yet started, or anywhere in between — I invite you to consider working with me as your Book Developer.

“Working together” is the operative phrase. Because this work is done in relationship.

"I felt heard, in a very strong initial way. It's different from trying to write on my own, because it feels like what I'm doing is being done in relationship." — Shirley R. McGinnis, author, Sometimes Love Is Enough

Rose, orange, intimage close-up.JPG

The relationship with me: There’s the relationship you get to have with me, as I learn more about you and your book, and what your aspirations, fears, and goals are. As I bring my best listening, as well as my book expertise, to you and your project, your sense of being accompanied deepens. This can make the difference between opening to your writing in a spirit of interest and trust . . . or not. I bring a whole-hearted commitment to your and your project’s well being. I think about your writing between sessions, and share the fruits of my inspirations with you freely.

The relationship with yourself: As your ability to hear what your book wants deepens and you give yourself to the creative process, your relationship with yourself deepens and expands. Who you are at the end of the journey is more fully known to you than it was at the beginning. You start to trust your own capacities for unearthing the treasures within through writing. You start to believe that your book is worthwhile, worth the effort, a gift to your readers as well as yourself. My receptivity to your book helps anchor your knowing your book’s value.

"I am so honored that my book has been of value to you. I have felt very seen by you, and that is so much what therapy is about. We all yearn for that." — Jenaii Gold, MFT, Author, The Moon, the Hare, and the Pearl: An Intuitive Guide to Psychotherapy

Chocolate image, hand with pen only (no words).jpg

The relationship with your book: Writing a book also is a long-term relationship with the focus of your book. So it’s important to choose a subject that interests you enough to put your ongoing attention and resources into. Choose a subject (though more likely, it has chosen you) that you are truly interested in . . . and that you don’t know everything about (even if you start off thinking that you do). You need scope for exploration to keep the fires of enthusiasm alive to write for the duration of the project. The more you can get into the spirit of doing the writing, the more you’ll be able to complete the book to your satisfaction.

The relationship with your readers: True, you don’t have readers at this point. But if you stay with the project to emerge with a publishable manuscript, you will. The most important thing, in writing a book, is to please yourself — your true self. Because the experience of depth touches the universal, your readers will also reap the benefit. To have a relationship with your readers while writing means to want to share what’s being brought to the surface, and to hold the intention to let them in. To have a relationship with your readers after your book is published (including self-publishing) is to honor what impelled and inspired you and carried you through the book-writing journey, and to honor the people who received what you gave, and give their hearts back in return.

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Let's explore what's bubbling inside you and see how I can support you to connect with your own creative pathways. Then, quite naturally, you can bring your writing forth in a way that serves you and heals the world.

You may want to begin by joining my email list, or signing up for a complimentary consultation, or both. Or you may want to browse my packages and prices to get a sense of that dimension of working together.

Whether you have a specific project in mind or just want to explore what’s possible for you, I invite you to contact me for a free 1/2-hour exploratory session to explore what's knocking on the inside of your heart. Out of this will come a sense of clarity and the beginning of a direction.

I hold a only certain number of spots open a month for this purpose, so contact me to schedule your complimentary session now.

“I just wanted to thank you for your help in the early part of my book development. You really helped me to listen more deeply for my soul’s calling in what I was writing, to share more of my experiences and heart. I thought you would enjoy knowing that the book finally got birthed into the world.  I am getting really, really good feedback on it so far. Thanks for your wonderful work with authors like me.” — Deborah Welch, PhD, author, Forgiveness at Work

  To see my Book Development packages and prices, click below.

And when your book has been completed, because you have been with yourself in such a deep and connected way in the writing process, what's on the page will reverberate with your readers in a kindred way. As you bring your book out into the world, you may reap many benefits, opportunities, and blessings. But perhaps none is as touching as to receive a letter from a reader saying, “I felt I knew myself through your book in a whole new, deeper way. . . .”

“I felt that you were speaking from the heart, seeking to be of service from the sincere desire to assist, not to indoctrinate or impress. And I felt that you and I were having a conversation,” wrote Sarah Beaber after reading my book, Starting Your Book: A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What’s Inside You. “Thank you for sharing your ideas and caring with the world through a book. I learned things, I felt understood, and I grew increasingly inspired as I turned the pages."Sarah Beaber, writer

 Client Reviews

Gifts of the mandala, by clare goodwin. developed by naomi rose.

Gifts of the mandala, by clare goodwin. developed by naomi rose.

💮 “Through being deeply listened to, I am starting to hear myself. Because of that, my relationship to writing has shifted to a level that will grow beyond the book project and inform the rest of my life. The book has become a bonus and I am grateful.”

— Clare Goodwin, Author, Gifts of the Mandala: A Guided Journey of Self-Discovery

💮 “For a year and a half and three hundred pages later, Naomi has been my gifted guide.

"A great boat woman, she takes her seat quietly at the helm, and listens in a way that always inspires what is waiting to be known, said, and written to come forth. Practically skillful and mindfully soulful, she is helpful at every turn and around all the stops and stages in the process of book making. But mostly, she is the best kind of friend, and that’s really what it takes.”  

—  Prema Nihan, Author, River’s Grace: Navigating the Sacred and Mundane in Motherhood

essential speaking, by doreen hamilton. developed by naomi rose

essential speaking, by doreen hamilton. developed by naomi rose

💮 “The purpose of writing was to share with a wider audience the transformational work that I was doing with individuals and groups. In my workshops on authentic speaking, I knew how to guide people to their inner voice and speak from the heart. However, when writing, I was not able to tap into the clarity, strength, and power of my own inner knowing.

“Naomi provided the warm and inviting space that I needed to speak about my work and listen to the words as they emerged from within. She listened to my words before they were even shaped. She was fascinated with my ideas as I shared them with her, and this receptivity validated what I wanted to write. She showed me how to write from my deeper Self.

“Naomi, thank you for listening to the heart of this book. It was inside me, and you welcomed it into being. Giving birth to books that heal is certainly your calling.”

 — Doreen Hamilton, PhD, Author, Essential Speaking: The 7-Step Guide to Finding Your Real Voice

the moon and you, by barbara hannelore. developed by naomi rose

the moon and you, by barbara hannelore. developed by naomi rose

💮 “When I decided to dive into all the notes I had collected and really turn my outline into a book, Naomi Rose was an invaluable partner on the journey.

“She understood what I wanted to say, and made sure that my thoughts flowed smoothly. Her grasp of the book extended from the overall vision down to the details, and even in small ways—by completing a phrase or rearranging a sentence or paragraph here and there—she created an appealing whole out of the many ideas I had to share.

“Her insights and her gift for understanding my message raised my confidence so much. She shared my vision, and was genuinely excited about getting this book out into the world.

“The book is now changing lives, and finding its way into homes and hearts around the world. She offered the support I needed to create the book that I dared to dream was possible!”

— Barbara Hanneloré, Author, The Moon and You: A Woman’s Guide to an Easier Monthly Cycle. FinalistIndie Excellence Book Awards; Silver Award, Living Now Book Awards

"When I began this process, my deepest yearnings were twofold: one, that the words expressed would be a true expression of my soul; and two, that in the process of writing I would find and deepen my relationship with my creativity, and myself. Naomi has been a precious guide in both respects.”

"She has provided unwavering support, profound mirroring, and has gently guided and encouraged me, again and again, to write from the place of my true and authentic self. In the process, I have come into relationship with my deepest creative self, after a lifetime of longing and disconnection from it. This gift beyond measure I attribute in large part to Naomi's soulful, loving, supportive, and wise guidance. Her intellectual capacity is also profound: she understands and helps me give voice to complex intellectual and conceptual concepts, as well as deeply personal and spiritual ones. She is a truly gifted teacher and guide. Anyone who has the pleasure of working with her will encounter the joy of discovering many hidden gifts and treasures in their work and, perhaps more importantly, in themselves."

— Carolyn Shoshana Fershtman, PhD, author of a book on intergenerational healing (in progress)


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Because it’s not how many pages you write. It’s how much of you goes onto the page.